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NEGAHOLICS: How to recover from your addiction to negativity and turn your life around is the promise that this work poses. Negaholism is a termed coined by the author to describe an addiction to negativity.

Just as an alcoholic is addicted to drinking, the chronic sufferer of low self-esteem is addicted to negativity, says the author. She is convinced that negaholism is sweeping the nation. Perhaps its rise is a reflection of a growing uneasiness about the United States itself, that we are falling behind Japan and Germany in education, world trade, and fiscal health.

On a personal level, Ms. Carter-Scott is appalled by how individuals limit their progress and allow opportunities to escape them because of a deep-seated lack of self-confidence. Of course, this is not a new discovery in mental attitudes. What the writer has done is to raise the psychological problem to the status of a syndrome. Now it can be classified, in her judgment, as an aberration.

Negaholism, she says, is when the "I can'ts" have taken over ahd are running your life. "As a child, you learned early that you would receive much more attention for getting hurt, being sick, not cleaning your plate, leaving your room messy, getting into trouble, telling lies, and being difficult rather than behaving well," she reminds us. "With repeated imprinting," you internalized a motivational system whereby you received attention for your negatives rather than positives. Your addiction to negativity is based upon the physiological, chemical rush you experience every time you engage in negative thoughts, words, or actions."

Perhaps one of the virtues of this simplistic work is that it characterizes behavior that, in some people, seems to be aggressive and discerning but is really a defensive camouflage for attitudes that are fearful and riddled with pervasive self-doubt.

Cherie Garter-Scott. Published by Villard Books, New York. Price: $17.95
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Publication:Nutrition Health Review
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Date:Mar 22, 1990
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