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Needed: advice on ram pumps, spruce gum and beer.

COUNTRYSIDE: After purchasing our 156 acre farm a few years ago, we learned a great deal from our many COUNTRYSIDE friends across North America. We have built chicken tractors and ventured into acquiring over 300 animals for our seven children to care for. More than anything, we have been encouraged by others who have the same dreams as us, dreams of living in wide open spaces, clean air and providing for ourselves from our gardens and livestock.

I am looking for advice. I have a brook that runs year round and I need to pump water from it uphill to a pond and a water reservoir. The hill is about 25 vertical feet from the brook to the top where I need it. I'm looking at the idea of a hydraulic ram pump (hydram) but I am unable to find specs to build one myself. I understand they can be homemade using common plumbing supplies.

I am also looking for recipes for making spruce gum and spruce beer from spruce trees. My grandfather used to make both, but he took the recipe to his grave. I have fond memories with him in the woods hunting and fishing and I'd like to make new memories with my boys. They've heard of spruce gum and beer, but they'd like to taste them.

Lastly, my wife and I homeschool and we often use ideas from the magazine. If someone has back issues they would be willing to donate, we'd be glad to receive them.--Dan Vachon, Precious Arrows Homeschool, 2255 Laggan Rd., RR #1, Barney's River, Nova Scotia, Canada BOK 1AO

Tom Moates has instructions for building a ram pump, formulas for estimating its capabilities, and tips on installation in his book The Complete Hydraulic Ram Manual. It's available from the Countryside Bookstore for $14.95 (US) plus $2.50 s&h.
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Title Annotation:Country conversation & feedback
Author:Vachon, Dan
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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