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Need of two Albanian fronts.

The rupture of the ethnic Albanian political block will prevent the parties from getting grouped in two fronts to stop the allocation of ethnic Albanian votes, say analysts.

Albert Musliu says that there are no realistic chances of forming two fronts.

"We have announcements of formation of another political party. But this depends on when elections are to be held. The chances for getting votes are slim but some signals on several ethnic Albanian parties uniting into one coalition are appearing," explains Musliu. He says that at this moment it is not so important that MP positions will be lost as it is important to get ethnic Albanians to come out and vote.

"The probability of having ethnic Albanian voters coming out to vote is between 50-35 percent, which is a very low percent compared to the response of Macedonian voters. The possible change of the election code brings the number of ethnic Albanian MPs in danger. However, everything is possible if the ethnic Albanian political scene calms down and both parties present a clear election program," says Musliu.

On the other hand, Professor Imer Ismaili wonders whether it is worth to continue voting for ethnic Albanian parties.

"I wonder--who we are giving our Albanian votes to? Will we give them to Macedonian parties and what are we to do with the elections? Even if we have free elections at which the ethnic Albanian votes would not be lost, the victory will be again won by the Macedonian side," said Ismaili. According to him, as long as a double government is not formed under the principle of equality, there is no reason for ethnic Albanians to vote. (End)
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Title Annotation:Koha e re (daily)
Author:Xhoni, Aida
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Apr 16, 2010
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