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Need more answers.

I just finished reading your article "One Tragic Night." My interest in the Valleyfield stems from the fact that one of the ship's stokers, Hector Harold Joseph D'Aoust lost his life on the ship. Hector is one of 14 family members who made the ultimate sacrifice serving their country during the two World Wars.

After reading the article I was left with many unanswered questions.

Who was in command of the Valleyfield, Lt-Cdr. D. T. English, Royal Canadian Navy or Cdr. J. Byron, Royal Navy? Who gave the order at 8:30 p.m. to cease zigzaging? Your article stated the senior officer, which senior officer? Who ordered the C.A.T. (anti-acoustic torpedo) gear device removed from the water? Was the Canadian board of inquiry looking into the loss of HMCS Valleyfield ordered not to point blame at the Royal Navy Commander J. Byron? If the families of the Canadian naval officers who were aboard the Valleyfield and lost their lives would read this article and they might ask, Was it my family member who was negligent?

That is the story that should have been told in this article; it is a point of honour for the Royal Canadian Navy officers of the HMCS Valleyfield.

Editor's note: It would appear that, although Lt.-Cdr. D.T. English was the captain of the ship, Lt.-Cdr. Tate was the superior officer and officer of the watch that night while the captain slept. Lt.-Cdr. Peterson of the Giffard took command of the convoy once the Valleyfield was hit. The C.A.T. was malfunctioning and pulled out of the water because it did not work. A board of inquiry only said that the decision to cease zigzagging was "imprudent." Where did the name Royal Navy Commander J. Byron come from? His not in the article.
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Title Annotation:Letters to the editor
Author:D'Aoust, Bob
Publication:Esprit de Corps
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Mar 1, 2010
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