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Need leads on Bantam lawn tractor.

Can you help with information? This is my Bantam lawn tractor with a Clinton 5 hp engine, model 244-H. It is cast aluminum and has a hand-pull starter on the top of the engine. The steering wheel has a shaft to the front wheels; you tighten the belt with the steering wheel, it goes forward and backward. It has a set of dogs in the housing that go back and forth when you turn the steering wheel. The motor has a pulley on top and bottom of the crankshaft--the top propels the tractor and the bottom runs the lawn cutting wheel. I believe it is all original: paint, hard rubber tires, etc. It runs and works well. When and where was it built? Any information would be helpful.


--Floyd Rasmussen

22485 Fordham Rd.

Richmond, MN 56368

(320) 597-3711

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Author:Rasmussen, Floyd
Publication:Farm Collector
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:May 1, 2008
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