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Need a Safety Board? Here Are Your Options.

Dear Editor,

Every repair facility should have a safety board nearby in case of accidents. TB 385-4, Safety Requirements for Maintenance of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Jul 08), gives you the basics on what's needed on the board. I thought it might be helpful to share how we constructed our safety board.

We cut a 1/2-in thick piece of plywood to 3 x H feet. We painted a 2-in green border around the entire board. We used 2-in self-adhesive letters to put "SAFETY BOARD" at the top. You can also stencil it if you prefer. We used a label maker to print 3/4-in lettering for each item on the board.

Here are the items for the board that can be ordered by NSN:
               Item                          NSN          Price

Hearing protection                    4240-01-538-7970    18.20
3,000V electrical gloves (size 11)    8415-01-158-9451    68.92
Rope (210-ft coil)                    4020-00-599-7529    16.29
Goggles                               4240-00-052-3776    3.69
M6 LED Pelican Flashlight             6230-01-523-4709    60.59
First aid kit                         6545-01-433-8399    32.46
Tourniquet                            6515-01-521-7976    48.39
Fire extinguisher                     4210-01-245-9850    32.66
Lithium batteries (12)                6135-01-554-0864    19.38

We've found size 11 gloves fit almost everyone. You'll also need a copy of FM 4-25.11, First Aid (Dec 02).

We couldn't find NSNs for the following items, so we ordered them from Most big box stores would also have these items.
                     Item                        Part Number    Cost

Woodscrews (250)                                    5ZVN6       14.72
Ground wire                                         9EWL4       42.80
Eye wash station                                   22FX22       29.35
Static discharge stick                              3GY63      617.00
6-ft rescue hook                                    3GY61      533.00
Reclosable cinch strap, 1x8 inches (10 pack)        5JLG7       48.30
Reclosable cinch strap, 1x12 inches (10 pack)       5JLG8       48.25
Reclosable cinch strap, 2x24 inches (10 pack)       5JLH0       79.00

We've found the cinch straps work great to hold equipment on the board.

Here's what the finished product looks like:

Steve Kirkpatrick

1st Bn, 10th Special Forces Group


Editor's note:

Excellent information, Steve.

SFC William Lawrence of the 94t1i BSB at Ft Polk pointed out to PS that there's a ready-made safety board available with NSN 4910-01-618-4321 that costs $2,880.

It contains:

* 4x8-ft safety board with graphics

* Rescue stick with 6-ft pole

* Discharge tool with 6-ft ground

* Ear plugs and dispenser

* First aid kit

* Hard hat

* Safety glasses

* Flashlight

* Grounding cable

* Linesman gloves

* 25-ft halyard rope

* Ear muff

In addition, you can save money by fabricating a safety hook, grounding stick, and grounding cables. Instructions are in Figs 3-1 and 3-2 in TB 385-4, Safety Requirements for Maintenance of Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

Pages 40-43 of PS 644 (Jul 06) lists NSNs for alternate or additional items for your safety board. It also lists NSNs for items you can use to restock the first aid kit. You can find the article online:

Other things you might consider around or on the board are a resuscitator, a portable defibrillator and hazard signs.

Don't stack things in front of the board, though. If you can't get to the board in an emergency, that defeats its purpose. And make sure the board is located in a central location so that Soldiers can get to it as quickly as possible.

Inspect the board each month to make sure all items are on-hand and in good shape.

Make safety board training SOP. Everyone working in the area should know each piece of equipment and how to use it.
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