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Need To Reduce Comparisons.

If we observe human thoughts over time, it will come to one's notice that it is a frequent occurrence for human beings to compare things or people who have the slightest strand of similarity. This behaviour of comparison is so popular that it is included in the structure of our languages, is the basis of our market choices and is the decider of even the football club we support.

Comparison, in fact is a step to making good choices. We weigh one option against the other and choose the one that appeals to us the most. Little wonder, the symbol of justice is the pair of balances. In fact, in the making of who we are and what we do, we are forced to choose between the bad and good, to examine the long- term advantages of both and then choose one. Every day, in every aspect of life, consciously or not, we find ourselves comparing: in football, it is Messi or Ronaldo, in literature, it is Soyinka or Achebe and in music, it is countless.

Comparison has many advantages in our day-to-day activities, we compare prices, quality and other choices to choose the products we buy.

Though comparison is quite important in making sound life choices, our comparisons are largely responsible for most of the greatest rivalries of all times. Rivalries can make competitors better or bitter. If better, then comparison turns out an advantage as parties put more energy into beating the other parties. If the rivals turn out bitter, it brings us one of the tragedies of comparison; because we have focused on judging who is better between the parties, it is rare for us to properly recognize the brilliance of the lesser party, no matter how much. One of the rivals may get strained out, may crash out or even take dangerous means to destroy their opponents.

One further danger is that comparing ourselves with others can us of our self-esteem and confidence. This is because we are prone to not only easily find the faults in ourselves by doing that but also totally focus on them. This is dangerous for our mental health and general wellbeing.

In the case that you and I are in the same career or race at all, if I find myself ahead of you, it is likely that like the proverbial hare, I begin to rest on my oars because I'm beating the tortoise and may eventually end up losing the race. So, comparison a lot of times us focus on and settle for the better rather than the best.

In our quest to achieve the best in life or to appreciate the best of anything, we should reduce our comparisons.

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Publication:Nigerian Tribune (Oyo State, Nigeria)
Date:May 17, 2019
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