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Ned's New Home.

Kevin Tseng; NED'S NEW HOME; Tricycle Press (Children's Picture Book) $14.99 ISBN: 1582462976

Ned is a green worm who lives in an apple and loves the color red. So what's the problem? Ned's apple is going bad; it's leaking; it's going to mush. He needs to find a new home. Ned packs a suitcase and heads out into the big world of real estate. He finds and tests a pear a watermelon blueberries a lemon and oh so many other fruity fiascos. Along the way we learn about color shape size and the names of fruits. Deliberately illustrated and written this book shouldn't dilly-dally on its way to pre-K libraries and Head Start schools.

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Article Type:Book review
Date:Aug 29, 2009
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