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Necessity, proportionality and the use of force by states.


Necessity, proportionality and the use of force by states.

Gardam, Judith.

Cambridge U. Pr.


259 pages




Gardam (public international law, Adelaide Law School) here explores the operation of proportionality as a restraint on the forceful actions of states, incorporating the concept in the norms that govern the use of force in international relations, ius ad bellum, and international humanitarian law that regulates the conduct of hostilities, ius in bello. She also considers necessity, which is often coupled with proportionality in international law, for its role in determining whether a forceful response is warranted in any particular situation, but only as a component of ius ad bellum, because she finds that it has no detailed form in jus in bello.

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Date:Nov 1, 2005
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