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Neato Mosquito: An Elementary Curriculum Guide. 2nd Edition.

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This curriculum guide was designed with the purpose of developing public awareness of LaCrosse (LAC) encephalitis, which is a mosquito transmitted disease. LAC cases have been increasing in large numbers in the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes regions during recent years. This disease primarily affects children under the age of 15, and this guide aims to reduce the incidence of LAC encephalitis cases by teaching about the environmental and behavioral risk factors associated with LAC encephalitis. The curriculum guide targets elementary school students and presents information on the biology of mosquitoes, the ecosystem they live in, and diseases they vector. Lessons include: (1) "Life History of the Mosquito"; (2) "Mosquitoes Suck: Feeding on Flower Nectar and Blood"; (3) "The Circle of Life: Mosquito Ecology"; (4) "Mosquitoes and Diseases"; and (5) "Preventing LaCrosse Encephalitis." Also included is a vocabulary list, fun facts, puzzles, drawings, and a QuickTime video and color images downloadable from a Web site. (YDS)

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Author:Nasci, Roger S.; Herrington, James E.
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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