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Neatness counts.

Dear Half-Mast:

What directive specifically states that all entries on the DA Form 2407 will be legible? As a quality assurance evaluator, I'm finding forms each day that are not legible. The people filling out the forms keep saying that there is nothing in DA Pam 738-750 saying the forms must be legible. Also, people should remember co press hard when filling out forms with multiple copies so all copies are legible. I remember reading in the pam that the forms are no good unless the entries are readable. They do not realize that the 2407 is the key to a maintenance process. If you can provide me with a directive to quote I would be most grateful.

Edward L. Berkley Ft Bragg, NC

Mr. Berkley:

You are right! It is just common sense. If a form needs to be filled out it is meant to communicate accurate information. Illegibility makes communication impossible. DA Pam 738-750. Functional Users Manual for The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS), does require legibility on all its forms (not just the DA Form 2407). DA Pam 738-750, 1 Aug 94, Paragraph 1-6c states:

c. The forms are no good unless the information is readable, correct, and complete.

Although you wrote in about a specific form, your situation is a good opportunity to remind our readers to not waste time by filling out forms that aren't readable. Just a few more moments taken to carefully fill in information goes a long ways toward getting the work done on the other end, without delay, the first time.

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