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Neat Feat is all about simple solutions.

CARSON, Calif. -- Neat Feat Products Ltd. was formed in 1992 by two practicing New Zealand doctors and Ant Laity, who now heads the company with his business partner Dan Moore.

Laity says Neat Feat has always been about providing people with simple solutions to common problems. The company deals in body care, foot care, baby care and incontinence products.

Recognizing that people sweat in areas other than under the arms, the company developed products specifically for the control of perspiration of the feet and other areas of the body.

The feet typically sweat up to half a cup of perspiration a day; this accumulates in the shoes. Because shoes act as waterproof containers, sweat gets trapped between the toes, which often results in such minor foot infections as athlete's foot and tinea.

Laity says that using Neat Feat roll-on dally will prevent athlete's foot and eliminate foot odor.

Neat Feat also offers Neat3B Bodysaver, an antiperspirant emollient cream that can be applied to parts of the body where skin surfaces rub together. The cream, Laity says, prevents sweat rash and chafing in these areas and appeals to people who are overweight, active sporty people who run the risk of chafing, and elderly people who are bedridden and have thin skin.

Meanwhile, Heat 3B Handsaver is an antiperspirant designed to treat hyperdrosis, a medical condition resulting in excessively sweaty hands.

The fourth product Neat Feat has developed is Neat 3B Facesaver, a facial antiperspirant that is applied before makeup or sunscreen.

The lightweight antiperspirant gel is applied easily and prevents makeup or sunscreen from running, and has been very well received in the United States.

Neat Feat's products have been added to the deodorant/antiperspirant mix at a growing number of drug chains, supermarkets and discount chains, including Walmart, CVS/pharmacy and Duane Reade.

"What we are doing is adding value to the antiperspirant category," Laity says. "Why have 400 products just dealing with underarm perspiration, when there are all these other areas where people perspire? Also, the retailers are banking $3 to $4 with our products, as opposed to 75 cents. It just makes sense to include these products in the antiperspirant planograms."

Besides its antiperspirant line, Neat Feat recently launched a diaper cream that comes from a preventive angle. The formula's active ingredient bonds with the urea on a baby's skin, stopping acidity from occurring and preventing diaper rash.

Laity explains that Neat Feat has taken the science behind its diaper cream a step further, developing an incontinence cream to assist people who wear incontinence pads and ensuring that they do not suffer from rashes and discomfort. Called Neat3b Senior b, the brand will be launched in September.

Aside from antiperspirants, Neat Feat's foot care division offers more than 140 products that are designed to address almost every foot problem.

With the high growth of diabetes incidences, the need to look after one's feet is critical, Laity says, noting that the company has had significant success with its Neat Zori line, effectively taking a flip-flop and incorporating all the advantages of an orthotic into its sole.

"We supply to 17 markets worldwide," Laity says. "We are to this day still about providing simple solutions to common problems."

Neat Feat Products Ltd.

859 E. Sepulveda Blvd.

Carson, Calif. 90745

Key contact:

Dave Roberts, Vice President of U.S. Sales


Phone: (314) 560-9201

Primary business:


Antiperspirants for feet and body, foot care, baby care, incontinence products

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