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Nearly 100,000 cars imported into Macedonia in two years.

According to data published on the web-site of the Customs Directorate, 62, 519 cars were imported into the country in 2012 and additional 35, 818 by the end of October 2011. Experts say that the number will increase even more by the end of the year also because of the Government's decision to once again allow import of used cars and minibuses with Euro-2 Standard.

Mile Dimitrovski, Professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, says that the import of cars would positively affect the renewal of the car pool. He says that the only dilemma is that these vehicles are mainly driven in the capital.

"This will reach 15-20 percent renewal of the car pool which means that we needed twenty years to replace the car pool. It would be even better when stimulation measures for sooner replacement of the old with new vehicles would be given to banks or leasing companies," says Professor Dimitrovski.

He says that in Croatia, for instance, there are 2 million cars for a population of 4 million citizens while there are 2.2 million cards in Serbia where 7 million citizens live and in Macedonia, 2.1 million citizens with only 380 registered vehicles.
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Title Annotation:TRANSPORT
Publication:Macedonian Business Monthly
Date:Dec 1, 2011
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