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Near-miss at Manchester blamed on air traffic controller.


The report into a near-miss between a Singapore Airlines Boeing 747 and a BAC One-11 aircraft at Manchester Airport, UK on 16 September 2000 has blamed a lack of 'positive control or intervention' by an air traffic controller.

The aircraft, which were between them carrying more than 300 people, came within 860 metres of each other according to the Air Accidents Investigation branch report. The BAC One-11 was taking off for Bergamo, Italy while the SIA flight had been intending to land in Manchester. The report states that a controller in Manchester did not intervene when he realised that his 'unworkable' plan for the aircraft was reaching a critical stage for the carriers, with the SIA 747 likely to reach the runway while the BAC One-11 was only part-way along it.

A potentially critical situation was averted when the pilot of the 747 decided to abandon the landing, taking the decision out of the controller's hands according to the BBC. The SIA aircraft eventually landed safely on its second attempt. The BAC One-11 was apparently not aware of the near-miss incident until informed later by air traffic control.

The report stated of the incident: 'This over-adherence to a plan has had all the hallmarks of a controller operating under stress. Past incidents have shown that in such situations individuals find it very difficult mentally to 'stand back', reassess their plans and make adjustments as necessary.'

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Publication:Airline Industry Information
Date:Jun 8, 2001
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