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Ne-Yo: Lady Gaga Not a Modern-Day Music Icon.

She may have sold over 23 million albums worldwide and have more than 30 million followers on Twitter, but it seems that Lady Gaga will have to work a little harder to impress Ne-Yo.

The 32-year-old R'n'B star has revealed that he does not believe that


singer Gaga has what it takes to become a musical icon.

Ne-Yo, who was recently appointed senior vice president of A&R at Motown Records, insisted that modern day pop stars like Gaga will not stand the test of time - unlike their Motown counterparts.

In an interview with the Daily Star, he took a swipe at the New York- born singer saying: "Who was the last real icon to come out of the music industry?

"Everybody thought it was going to be Lady GaGa, but where is she right now, what's going on with her?

"Not to take anything away from her because she's ridiculously talented, but artists who stand the test of time - you just don't see those anymore."

He went on to claims that Motown was on a mission to save R&B.

"Motown wants to breathe fresh air into R&B, but Motown was not always cutting-edge, it was soulful but good pop music too," he said.

"They were always at the top of the charts in the '60s, and today the lines are getting blurred again with R&B artists doing dance and pop acts doing R&B.

He added: "I feel now it's just about good music again. Motown needs to stand for quality music, period."

Do you agree with Ne-Yo? Will Lady Gaga ever be considered a music icon?
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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Oct 11, 2012
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