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Nd-BR rubber grade.

As the first commercial application for this company's Buna CB21 neodymium polybutadiene rubber (Nd-BR), the Kira Star golf ball is said to be a revolution in golfers' sports gear. Its outstanding market success is said to be due in no small part to the properties of this newly developed high-performance rubber grade. Making use of Buna CB21's ultra-high resilience, the Kira Star is said to be well equipped to achieve greater flight distances, even when hit at low head speeds and with a low impact. As a consequence, the golf balls made by Japanese sporting goods manufacturer Kasko have sold about 3.5 times more than originally forecast since they hit the market a few months ago, according to the company. Buna CB21 is said to be characterized by ultra-high resilience, which efficiently converts the impact energy into kinetic energy and, thus, flying distance. Most golf balls use a three-piece structure to achieve bounce, but Kira Star golf balls get just as much bounce using a two-piece structure, according to the company. This is because their core is made of Buna CB21, which is said to offer high resilience without sacrificing the ball's impact feel, spin or strength. (Lanxess)
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Title Annotation:Suppliers Showcase: Materials
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Mar 1, 2010
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