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Nazi plans show how Liverpool was target; Mons twinning party hands over key war documents.

Byline: Emma Gunby

THESE are the top secret Nazi documents which reveal Liverpool as one of the German's key targets in the war.

The plans show Brunswick Dock, Kirkby and Speke were targets for the Luftwaffe bombers as far back as May, 1939.

Apart from the airport, there was then an aircraft factory at Speke. A munitions plant was based at Kirkby.

A delegation from Mons, in Belgium, where the documents were discovered, have given the plans to Liverpool Michel Vasko, deputy manager of tourism for Mons, said: ``It is my privilege to officially offer to the Town Hall of Liverpool the original plans.

``We know the people of the city will appreciate them as part of history.

``In 1941 the Liverpool Harbour underwent hard bombings from German aviation.

``The planes came from Chevre, not far from Mons, and these are some of the plans of the operation.

``The private secretary of the Mayor of Mons discovered the plans in the late 1940s and they went on display in the town's museum.

``We decided to present them to the city of Liverpool as we felt it was important for the people to have this part of their history.'' The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Coun Jack Spriggs said he hoped the plans would form part of an exhibition.

He added: ``These plans prove we were a key target for the enemy during the war and we are delighted to receive them from our friends in Mons.''

The Belgium delegation are on Merseyside to celebrate their twinning with Bootle 40 years ago.

Yesterday, they observed the anniversary of one of Mons' most famous legends as they presented the plans to Coun Spriggs.

Jacques Hamaide, president of the twinning committee, said: ``On the 23rd August, 1915, 88 years ago, the British Forces were fighting the German troops in Mons.

``Legend has it that there was grave danger of the Germans encircling the British making retreat impossible.

``At this moment it is said angels descended from heaven dressed as archers, stopping the Germans in their tracks.

``The British, under their protection, were able to retreat in the darkness, thereby saving the brigade from annihilation.

``Every year on this date we hold a celebration to remember the legend.''

Today a painting of the Angels of Mons, by the artist Gillis, hangs in the Mayor's Office, in Bootle Town Hall, celebrating the towns' links.


REVEALING: Documents show German bomb targets; HANDOVER: Michel Vasco from Mons with Liverpool Lord Mayor Jack Spriggs, Jacques Hamaide from Mons and the Mayor and Mayoress of Sefton, Cllr Kevin Cluskey and Linda Cluskey at the ceremony
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 24, 2002
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