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This is a channel from a vlogger who I have not come across before. Naya is from Hawaii and she vlogs regularly on books she has read, bought and has had sent to her.

I first started watching her Book Tube-a-thons and found her to be very enthusiastic and charming in front of the camera. Her posts are generally very entertaining and she is obviously a massive and eclectic reader as she vlogs about lots of different styles of books, fantasy being her favourite genre from what I could tell.

She does a couple of videos on unveilings of The Nerdy Post which I had to look up as the box she opened looked brilliant. The Nerdy Post site has different boxes to purchase of art, bookmarks, pins and other memorabilia from lots of fiction worlds such as Sherlock, Throne of Glass and Fantastic Beasts. What I also liked about Naya's channel was her book reviews. She gives an honest opinion on what she reads and sometimes gives a book a score as low as 6/10 so she doesn't just rave about everything, the reviews are very candid and she explains what she likes and wasn't sure about for a lot of them.

I also liked the other vloggers whom she lists on her channel. I found a few new faces like WhittyNovels and Katiesbookdate which were also interesting to watch, especially Katie's Netflix round up reviews of new shows.

For a bubbly, fun and passionate about reading vlogger, Naya is worth watching.

Beth Khalil, Librarian, Thorp Academy

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Title Annotation:DIGITAL: Three from YouTube
Author:Khalil, Beth
Publication:School Librarian
Article Type:Website overview
Date:Sep 22, 2017
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