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Navy working uniform details announced.

WASHINGTON (Navy News Service) -- The Chief of Naval Personnel released detailed information about the delivery schedule, manner of wear and occasion for wear for the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Dec. 2 in NAVADMIN 343/08.

An instructional video was also posted on the NPC Web site www. usnavyuniforms/and on NKO at alertscommunity/home/ whatsnewonnko.

According to the message, the NWU is intended for year-round wear and shall be the standard working uniform ashore. The NWU will replace working utilities, tropical working uniforms, wash khakis, winter working blue, aviation working green, and non-tactical/environmental usage of camouflage utility uniforms.

The NWU is designed to be worn in sea and ashore environments that do not require special clothing (e.g., flight, flight deck, engine room, etc.). Unless otherwise prescribed by the regional commander, the NWU is authorized to be worn at all facilities on base, while commuting to/from work via POV, public transportation, and on government/military flights to/from OCONUS locations.

Routine stops while commuting are not authorized with an exception for genuine emergencies, such as medical emergencies and vehicle breakdowns.

For environmental extremes the following modifications are authorized when granted by appropriate authority.

(1) The NWU shirt may be removed

on job sites or in work spaces.

(2) NWU trousers may be worn unbloused on job sites or in workspaces.

(3) During the winter or inclement periods, the parka hood is authorized for wear in addition to head gear. Black leather gloves are authorized.

The NWU will be available for purchase via designated Navy Exchange Uniform Centers as follows: Dec 08--Navy leadership (flag officers, commanding officers/OICs, (9580/9579/9578) command master/ senior chiefs, and chiefs of the boat) via Navy Exchange Uniform Support Center at 800-368-4088 or 757-502-7450.

Jan 09--Tidewater

Apr 09--Southeast

Jul 09--Northeast

Oct 09--Capital region

Jan 10--Western/northwest

Apr 10--Gulf region

Jul 10--Hawaii

Oct 10--Europe/Japan/Guam

All existing working uniforms will continue to be authorized for wear until December 2010. Sailors who have not been issued NWU's at recruit training command or purchased NWU's while assigned to an active rollout location must maintain their current working uniforms until the NWU is available in the area assigned. This policy also applies to Sailors wearing the new service uniform announced earlier in 2008.

FY08 and FY09 clothing replacement allowances have been adjusted to facilitate purchasing four sets of NWU shirts and trousers by December 2010. Reserve component Sailors will receive their uniforms via their respective Navy Operational Support Centers.

For more information on uniforms and uniform policy, visit the uniform matters Web site at www. usnavyuniforms/.


From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs
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Date:Nov 1, 2008
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