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Navision Software Continues To Expand Globally, Opening Office in Three New Countries Italy, South Africa and Canada join the Navision World.

VEDBAEK, Denmark--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 7, 1998--Navision Software, a worldwide provider of Enterprise Business Solutions, announced today the opening of new local Navision Software offices in Italy, South Africa and Canada expanding its total to 21 worldwide offices.

Navision Software is adding the new offices in response to increasing demands in these markets for Navision Software's Enterprise Business Solutions.

"It is our strategy to grow the Navision Software business through a worldwide network. Our model provides a uniform sales and support structure for our customers around the world and it gives users unique opportunities to coordinate implementation and support efforts through a seamless network that uses the same technology and implementation protocols," says Jesper Balser, CEO and co-founder of Navision Software. "While other companies serving the middle-market try to grow through acquisitions, Navision Software sees expansion of its already successful business model and technology as the key in its continued international growth."

"Our Enterprise Business Solutions are founded upon comprehensive, uniform standards and completed with flexible functionality. This is a tremendous benefit for our customers who standardize on uniform solutions, but also need to customize for specific, local situations. The freedom to build local functionality - language or currency, for example - remains one of our greatest advantages."

While Navision Software continues to expand across the globe, Soren Fink-Jensen, Navision Software Channel Manager, believes that to be effective the company must continue to do so by providing localized solutions.

"Because we emphasize local expertise, our customers get solutions that fit their needs. We provide solutions specific to their problems, and our flexible technology ensures that they are not forced to change the way they do business."

Navision Software Italia s.r.l. is headquartered in Milan. In an effort to consolidate some of the major fragmented functions in the Italian market, Navision Software will provide an Enterprise Business Solution useful in a variety of industries and applications. Italy represents the fourth largest IT market in Europe and is vital to Navision Software's global expansion. Roberto Rossi, General Manager for Navision Software Italia, was responsible for building the distribution channel for the legacy accounting product Comet before joining Navision Software. Currently, Rossi has more than 13 Navision Solution Centers in line to sell, customize and implement the Italian version of Navision Financials, which will be ready for release in the last quarter of 1998.

Navision Software South Africa (Pty) Ltd., headquartered in Johannesburg, is led by Managing Director, Keith Mullan. Mullan previously worked with Navision Software as the managing director for Winther & Co., a UK manufacturing company. Now Mullan is building Navision Software's office in South Africa, marketing Navision Financials to mid-sized companies. The new office already has two certified Navision Solution Centers working to market the company's Enterprise Business Solutions.

Navision Software Canada is set to officially open its doors during the second quarter of 1999. Five Navision Solution Centers in Canada are currently operating with the support of Navision Software US, Inc. It is Navision Software's current plan to release a localized version of Navision Financials for the Canadian market, including multi-language capabilities to support organizations with a mix of French and English speaking individuals.

Contact information for the three new local Navision Software offices is listed below:

Navision Software Italia s.r.l. Navision Software Canada Via Perticari, 17 C/O 20100 Milano

Navision Software US, Inc. Telephone: 39 2 27221122 500 Pinnacle Court, Suite 510 Telefax: 39 2 27221133 Norcross, GA 30071

Telephone: 770 798 8300 Navision Software South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Telefax: +770 798 8305 2 Waterfall View, Waterfall Park Bekker Road, Midrand Telephone: 27 11 315 0456 Telefax: 27 11 315 0687

In addition to these new offices, Navision Software a/s has recently obtained 100 percent ownership of existing Navision Software offices in France, Australia, Holland and the Czech Republic.

Navision Software

Navision Software's solutions are sold through a worldwide network of Navision Solution Centers staffed with certified professionals dedicated to providing customized solutions, training, support and service. The company has a reputation for being first to market with advanced technologies in Enterprise Business Solutions, and Navision Financials has received the Designed for Microsoft Windows 95/NT logo, Designed for Microsoft Windows 98/NT logo, the Designed for Microsoft Backoffice logo and the Microsoft Office 97 logo.

Founded in 1984, Navision Software is a leading developer of innovative Enterprise Business Solutions. Navision Software has more than 32,000 installations worldwide in 75 countries and 19 different country-specific versions. Some of Navision Software's clients include Adidas AG, AC Nielsen, Bang & Olufsen A/S, BASF AG, BMG Entertainment International GmbH, Florimex Worldwide GmbH, F.L. Smidth A/S, Hoechst AG, KIA Motors GmbH, Oticon A/S, Spencer Stuart B.V. Steinway & Sons and Winter & Co UK ltd. The company is headquartered in Vedbaek, Denmark. Navision Software can be found on the Internet at
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