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Navigating stock market's choppy waters.

Richard Blackett, director, Blackett Walker Ltd THE world of stocks and shares is a complex and precarious business.

With volatility in the markets likely to increase thanks to the as yet unknown impact of Brexit that has caused a weakness in the value of sterling and the unpredictability of world events, investing capital in the stock market should be approached with care.

To help you take the best approach, we at wealth managers Blackett Walker have the experience to help guide you through the bewildering array of options. We have managed tens of millions of pounds over decades and we have a loyal private client base many of whom have been with us for many of those years.

On the face of it every investor is looking for a healthy return on their investment with minimal risk - simple.

However, every investor is different. We all have different levels of tolerance for risk, different objectives and requirements and different degrees of wealth.

Combine this with a myriad of funds managed by different types of fund managers in an ever changing economic environment and what you are left with a bewildering range of options.

That is why we take the time and trouble to research everything thoroughly so that we are able to factor in as many variables as possible into what we will ultimately recommend as a good investment portfolio for you.

We are fully conversant with technical vehicles, like pound-cost-averaging, which in the right circumstances does not overly expose your capital by investing a certain amount over time rather than all at once.

The result is that the investor can buy more shares when prices become cheaper but fewer when they are more expensive and this strategy can help to mitigate losses to the overall capital stake.

Perhaps you could take advantage of a tracker fund - a fund that is index linked to the stock of a number of businesses within, for example, the FTSE 100 or we could suggest you invest in a portfolio of investments based on the analysis of a number of actively managed funds by fund managers with differing but complementary characteristics.

Managers that take the prevailing economic conditions into account aligned with your particular characteristics as an investor.

As with most stock market based investments the value can go down as well as up but this is where we use our expertise to help you assess the risk you are prepared to take.

We currently advise on more than PS220m of assets - we are an independent wealth management company with its roots firmly in the North East but with its eyes firmly fixed on global capital markets on behalf of our many private clients.

What you can be sure of is that if we are recommending anything it will only be after our team of researchers and advisors has thoroughly applied itself to establishing the very best options available for your specific characteristics as an investor.

Rest assured the success of your investments is a key priority to our continued reputation as acknowledged experts in wealth management.

Blackett Walker Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority


Richard Blackett

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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 21, 2016
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