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Navic Systems Announces HyperGate -- Software For Managing Large Networks of Information Appliances.

HyperGate(TM) -- Communication and Life-Cycle Management Software -- Offers a

scalable, messaging-based infrastructure for maintaining and controlling

networked devices.

NEEDHAM, Mass., Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Navic Systems, Inc., a pioneer in embedded systems networking, announces HyperGate(TM), the first standards- based communications system designed specifically to manage and control large networks of connected devices such as Web phones, digital set-top boxes, mobile data+voice terminals, and retail terminals (Information Appliances). This enterprise-class software system gives network operators and service providers the infrastructure, back-office applications, and interoperability needed to manage the more than 250 million Information Appliances expected to come online over the next few years.

HyperGate easily automates many sophisticated functions -- device registry, software deployment, targeted content distribution, transaction processing and billing, life-cycle management -- reducing total cost of ownership, direct service load, and subscriber down-time.

"HyperGate changes the way networks communicate with connected devices," explains Chet Kanojia, Navic's CTO and chief architect of HyperGate. "Until now, most retail terminals, set-top boxes and mobile devices have relied on proprietary network layers to deploy content and exchange transaction data with host systems." HyperGate changes that. HyperGate is built on and operates using standard protocols, commercial operating systems, and open data stores. "What this approach offers service providers," Kanojia adds, "is the freedom to support almost any new type of device on their network, and the ability to scale the control system smoothly. Compliance with open standards allows HyperGate to integrate the communications control system easily with existing back office systems, databases, and applications such as billing and order processing."

As industry undergoes change due the increasing availability of information, static products carry a high risk of obsolescence. "The utilitarian nature of these new remote, networked devices makes it essential that service providers can easily supply them with tomorrow's content and expanded services," notes Barry Charton, Navic CEO. HyperGate makes it easy to keep service offerings current and competitive by automating distribution of new services and life-cycle management of existing software on subscribers' devices. The messaging-based infrastructure at HyperGate's core ensures efficient network scaling as device populations grow.

"On another front," says Charton, "service providers are counting on ready access to customer information to track and stimulate current service usage, and to target new services where they will have the most impact." In response to this need, Navic designed HyperGate to provide other back office applications with ready access to registry and transaction logs for data mining and precision content targeting.

Kanojia adds this perspective, "Until now, the industry has focused on developing the network devices themselves -- Web-phones, retail terminals, digital set-top boxes -- with less attention being paid to the network infrastructures and back office systems required to service and maintain these connected devices. Many have yet to recognize that as subscriber populations grow, scalability will determine which network operators and service providers will be able to maintain competitive service levels, high subscriber retention, and increasing usage rates. Navic understands the issues at both ends of the network and is poised to set the standard for enterprise-class network management software. "

Navic will demonstrate HyperGate at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, CA September 28-30, 1999.

About Navic Systems

Navic Systems, Inc. offers standards-based products that enhance the development, deployment, management and control of networked devices. Offerings include HyperConnect, a set of embedded application development tools for Intel and Toshiba microprocessors, and HyperGate software, which provides life-cycle management functions for large networks of connected devices including Internet and Information Appliances. Navic markets to manufacturers, network operators and service providers in the set-top box, mobile communications, point-of-sale and other similar markets. Navic is a Microsoft Preferred Provider and a WindRiver WindLink Partner. For more information, visit the Company's web site at, send an email to, or call (781) 433-9875.
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Date:Sep 22, 1999
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