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Two intriguing references will hold interest outside the naval press they originate from, reaching out to any interested in naval language and decoding. Deborah W. Cutler and Thomas J. Cutler's Dictionary Of Naval Abbreviations (1591141524, $26.95) translates and defines many brief, common forms of naval communications which professional sailors may readily understand, but others may miss. Even staff briefings are filled with such abbreviations and special terminology, and any who regularly need to understand naval proceedings would do well to keep Dictionary Of Naval Abbreviations as a translator's reference. It and its companion Dictionary Of Naval Terms are written for Navy neophytes who have a need to understand the language of their new profession--and for outsiders such as journalists. A solid, recommended library reference. J.V. Bone's A Brief History Of Cryptology (1591140-846, $26.95) provides more than just a history of cryptography communications: it covers how it affects our daily lives; from secure financial transactions and communications to common cryptologic secrets. Boone provides a historical review of technological developments in cryptology and computers, covering major achievements and activities across the field. His is a lively account which may come from a military intelligence background, but which avoids the confusing jargon common in cryptology explanations.
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Title Annotation:Dictionary Of Naval Abbreviations; A Brief History Of Cryptology
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Date:Nov 1, 2005
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