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Nature's Building Blocks: an A-Z Guide to the Elements.


From actinium to zirconium, this marvelous encyclopedia details all 115 elements of the periodic table to reveal the nature of each and its relationship to us. With the general reader in mind, Emsley infuses his text with lots of quirky tidbits of information. For instance, readers learn that titanium makes lipstick bind to lips and that some of the 30 elements naturally in our bodies are harmful. A profile of each element reveals the origins of its discovery, what it is commonly used for, and, its relevance to life. Emsley tries to cover all aspects of an element by discussing its economic and environmental impact and by revealing "elements of surprise" in a section of each profile. OUR 2001, 538 p., hardcover, $29.95.
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Publication:Science News
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Apr 20, 2002
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