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Now is the time for sustainable Vietnamese certified natural rubber: experts. Jun 22, 2022 1210
Stats Dept: Natural rubber production down 20pc in April 2022. Jun 15, 2022 302
January-May rubber exports bounce up 3% on-year. Jun 13, 2022 559
Sustainable price mechanism input sought. Jun 1, 2022 234
Rubber industry escapes excess supply, firms divided on profit outlooks. May 23, 2022 558
Rubber industry escapes excess supply, firms divided on profit outlooks. May 22, 2022 578
JICA supports Vietnam in realising net-zero emission commitment. May 20, 2022 436
Stats Dept: Natural rubber production decreased by 2.7pc in March 2022. May 11, 2022 351
Hancornia speciosa serum latex fraction: a non-allergenic Biomaterial/ Fracao soro do latex de Hancornia speciosa: um biomaterial nao alergenito. Costa, A.F.; Goncalves, K.C.; Bailao, E.F.L.C.; Caramori, S.S.; Valadares, M.C.; Goncalves, P.J.; Al May 8, 2022 3596
Mixed profit targets for rubber businesses despite price hikes. May 4, 2022 973
Mixed profit targets for rubber businesses despite price hikes. May 4, 2022 973
Mixed profit targets for rubber businesses despite price hikes. May 4, 2022 1002
Mixed profit targets for rubber businesses despite price hikes. May 3, 2022 973
Study on volume change and scanning electron microscope observation of carbon black-filled natural rubber upon stretching. Zhang, Hao; Zheng, Shanliang; Zheng, Lina; Lin, Feifei; Wang, Bin Wang Meng-Jiao Report May 1, 2022 7489
Improving reinforcement of natural rubber latex by introducing poly-zinc dimethacrylate and sulfur vulcanizing system. Chen, Jing; Liao, Lusheng; Zhang, Fuquan; Gao, Tiaoming; Gao, Lijun; Ma, Lin; Ma, Xiaocong Report May 1, 2022 6779
Effect of main chain modification during reversion on strain-induced crystallization of polyisoprene rubbers. Lin, Feifei; Jia, Weijie; Zhong, Liang; Liu, Feng; Zhang, Hao; Wang, Bin; Song, Yudian Report May 1, 2022 5624
Natural rubber market remains positive. May 1, 2022 195
Lignin as Green Filler in Polymer Composites: Development Methods, Characteristics, and Potential Applications. Ridho, Muhammad Rasyidur; Agustiany, Erika Ayu; Rahmi Dn, Muslimatul; Madyaratri, Elvara Windra; Gho Apr 30, 2022 26534
Rubber exports stretch past $100M. Apr 19, 2022 488
Stats Dept: Natural rubber production down 39pc m-o-m, exports 6.8 pc lower in Feb. Apr 15, 2022 542
Mechanism set up to keep rubber prices in check. Apr 12, 2022 304
Mechanism set up to keep rubber prices in check. Apr 12, 2022 280
Goodyear Tire to co-develop domestic source of natural rubber. Apr 7, 2022 213
Goodyear, U.S. partner on NR development. Apr 1, 2022 403
Natural rubber market to stay positive. Apr 1, 2022 172
Stats Dept: Natural rubber production rises 17.7pc m-o-m, exports up 11.3pc in Jan 2022. Mar 15, 2022 443
Variation of air permeability in bromobutyl rubber/epoxidized natural rubber composites: Influence of structure of filler particle. Raju, Aswathy Thuruthil; Das, Mithun; Dash, Biswaranjan; Dey, Pranab; Nair, Sujith; Naskar, Kinsuk Report Mar 1, 2022 6213
Fatigue crack growth behavior and morphological analysis of natural rubber compounds with varying particle size and structure of carbon black. Chanda, Jagannath; Mishra, Nitish; Dolui, Tuhin; Ghosh, Prasenjit; Mukhopadhyay, Rabindra Report Mar 1, 2022 6881
Rheological and mechanical properties of asticated natural rubber and compounds. Ghanbari, Abbas; Vahidifar, Ali; Chawdhry, Zia; Spandler, Joy; Yu, Steven Mar 1, 2022 4065
Epoxidized natural rubber/acid functionalized carbon nanotubes composites for enhanced thermo-mechanical and oxygen barrier performance. Balendran, Bhavitha Karanath; Yaragalla, Srinivasarao Report Mar 1, 2022 3532
Sri Trang proposes record dividend to cap a year of historic highs. Feb 28, 2022 721
Associated Advanced Rubbers signs $ 5.85 m BOI deal to manufacture, export advanced rubber material. Daily Financial Times Feb 26, 2022 251
Local firm to invest US $ 5.85mn to manufacture advanced rubber material. Feb 23, 2022 216
WWF: Multilateral partnership on sustainable natural rubber price chain essential for growth of green economy. Feb 16, 2022 769
Multi-actor partnerships to add bounce to rubber sector. Feb 15, 2022 453
Stats Dept: Natural rubber production surged 36.7pc in December versus November 2021. Feb 10, 2022 343
Silanized aluminum trihydroxide as a green filler for improvement in tire performance. Ameta, Rohit; Haritha, K.; Ramakrishnan, S.; Amarnath, S.K.P.; Lorenzetti, Daniele; Mohamed, P.K. Feb 1, 2022 6611
Surface modification of rice husk-based carbon-silica dual-phase filler by ethanol-assisted milling and its reinforcing on natural rubber. Chen, Zhixiao; Qian, Miaomiao; Liu, Chang; Xue, Beichen; Yu, Liyun; Zhu, Yanchao; Wang, Xiaofeng Technical report Feb 1, 2022 4251
Study on Strengthening Mechanism of Epoxy Resin/Rubber Concrete Interface by Molecular Dynamics Simulation. Li, Lijuan; Qin, Dajing; Xu, Zhijun; Feng, Yong Jan 11, 2022 5398
GPSNR OKs sustainability reporting. Rohrer, Jill Jan 1, 2022 186
Global NR platform reporting parameters set. Jan 1, 2022 281
ANRPC sees improving natural rubber market. Jan 1, 2022 168
Natural rubber production takes a hit. Jan 1, 2022 217
Wallace Instruments. Jan 1, 2022 280
The effects of the cross-linking mechanism of low doses of gamma irradiation on the mechanical, thermal, and viscoelastic properties of the natural rubber latex/poly (styrene-block-isoprene-block-styrene) block copolymer blend. Lazim, Nurul Hakimah; Hidzir, Norsyahidah Mohd; Hamzah, Naim Syauqi; Mikihito, Takenaka; Shamsudin, Jan 1, 2022 9235
Diagnostic Difficulties in the Natural Rubber Latex Allergy. Unsel, Mehmet Dec 1, 2021 3825
Plantain-Tree Rubber Intercropping Systems Improved Productivity in the Tropical Humid Zone of Ghana, West Africa. Tetteh, Erasmus Narteh; Owusu Danquah, Eric; Abunyewa, Akwasi Adutwum; Melenya Ocansey, Caleb; Boaky Nov 30, 2021 9209
NR leaders cooperate on ecosystems. Rohrer, Jill Nov 1, 2021 341
Important changes seen in rubber market. Nov 1, 2021 853
Homegrown bioelastomers: A sustainable opportunity. Finn, Jim Nov 1, 2021 688
Preparation of polypropylene and skim natural rubber/thermoplastic natural rubber blends: Determining processing conditions. Wijewardane, D.S.; Senevirathna, M.A.S.R.; Sudusingha, Y.C.Y.; Edirisinghe, D.; Siriwardena, S. Nov 1, 2021 3331
Mechanism of oxidation in natural rubber compounds at lower (ambient) temperatures. Terrill, Edward R.; Meser, Rene; Palmer, Barry Nov 1, 2021 1779
3D printing of synthetic rubber ink via the direct ink writing process. Kamath, Sarath Suresh; Choi, Jae-Won Nov 1, 2021 3826
Depolymerized liquid natural rubber. Nov 1, 2021 597
Natural rubber latex tubing. Nov 1, 2021 187
DPR Industries, a Division of Pacer Industries. Nov 1, 2021 329
Influences of purification and surface treatment of sugarcane bagasse ash on mechanical properties of natural rubber composites. Boopasiri, Supparoek; Suwantrakrit, Noottiyaporn; Sae-Oui, Pongdhorn; Siriwong, Chomsri Report Oct 1, 2021 5557
Understanding the influence of anti-reversion agent and metal oxide dose on natural rubber-carbon black system. Pal, Koushik; Satpathi, Hirak; Bhandary, Tirthankar; Samui, Barun Kumar; Bhattacharyya, Sanjay; Nask Report Oct 1, 2021 6425
ANRPC expects demand from China to drive up natural rubber prices. Oct 1, 2021 329
ATMA urges government to allow duty-free import of natural rubber. Oct 1, 2021 348
Natural rubber sheets sent from Nagaland to New Delhi. Oct 1, 2021 216
Polymerics. Oct 1, 2021 314
India Rubber Board owned research farm develops genetically modified rubber. Aug 1, 2021 353
Rubber composition for tire tread. Aug 1, 2021 163
Vytex announces innovations in dry latex, tires and sustainability. Jul 29, 2021 380
ANRPC predicts 5.8% increase in NR production. Jul 1, 2021 167
IRSG releases climate meeting proceedings. Jun 1, 2021 316
Amid tighter supply, Rubber prices rising. May 31, 2021 676
Rubber exports approach $100 million January-April. May 4, 2021 301
Simple dispersion of graphene incorporated rubber composite for resistive pressure sensor application. Marlinda, Ab Rahman; Kamaruddin, Nurul Hazierah; Fadilah, Abd Wahab; Said, Mardhiah; Hamizi, Nor Ali Report May 1, 2021 3904
FE fracture analysis, using the integral J and tearing energy T parameters, of a natural rubber NR. Hamdi, Adel; Boulenouar, Abdelkader; Baccouch, Zaineb Report May 1, 2021 3497
Effects of [Sm.sup.3+]/PMAA on mechanical and thermal properties of natural rubber latex film. Zhang, Li; Liao, Lusheng; Chen, Jing; Ma, Lin; Zhang, Fuquan; Huang, Qianqian; Ju, Guoxian; Chen, Me Report May 1, 2021 6138
ANRPC reports 7.4% increase in NR consumption. May 1, 2021 205
Rubber trees are under threat. Here are the reasons why. Apr 17, 2021 382
Natural Rubber Producers Seek Intervention To Boost Production. Apr 16, 2021 348
Using big data to increase Para rubber yields. Mar 2, 2021 330
Effect of pre-mastication on dispersion of nanoclay in presence of carbon black in an inner liner compound: Studies on physicomechanical and functional properties. Baneijee, Koushik; Chanda, Jagannath; Chowdhury, Soumya Ghosh; Pal, Koushik; Mukhopadhyay, Rabindra; Report Mar 1, 2021 6577
Rubber Division holds spring meeting. Calendar Mar 1, 2021 1200
Material analysis for therapeutic insoles--A short report. Paul, Sathish; Kumar, David Prakash; Siva, B. Report Mar 1, 2021 2877
Design and Development of Radio Wave Absorber Using Eco-Friendly Materials. Manohar, Odampilly R.; Pradeep, Anju; Mohanan, Pezholil Report Mar 1, 2021 4553
In 2050, Michelin tyres will be 100% sustainable. Feb 25, 2021 601
GRI launches radial agriculture tire in Sri Lanka. Feb 15, 2021 462
Stats Dept: Natural rubber production increased by 17.1pc in Dec 2020. Feb 10, 2021 365
Roosting ecology and morphometric analysis of Pteropus medius (Indian flying fox) in Lower Dir, district, Pakistan/ Ecologia de roosting e analise morfometrica de Pteropus medius (raposa-voadora indiana) no distrito de Lower Dir, Paquistao. Khan, W.; Nisa, N.N.; Khan, A.R.; Rahbar, B.; Mehmood, S.A.; Ahmed, S.; Kamal, M.; Shah, M.; Rasool, Feb 1, 2021 4066
Rubber production to receive multi-agency effort to improve. Jan 15, 2021 645
TechnoBiz organizes NR research webinar. Jan 1, 2021 211
Gradation Design and Performance Evaluation of High Viscosity Asphalt Mixtures. Hu, Xudong; Li, Sheng; Yao, Hui; Wang, Hui; Xu, Mei; Cao, Dandan; Mohd Hasan, Mohd Rosli Dec 30, 2020 6605
Rubber industry should target sustainability, global certification: experts. Dec 14, 2020 461
Reclaimed rubber market to grow at 12% rate. Dec 1, 2020 372
Advances in the processing of Taraxacum kok-saghyz (TK) roots for the extraction of natural rubber, inulin and co-products. Ramirez-Cadavid, David A.; Michel, Frederick C.; Cornish, Katrina Nov 1, 2020 2862
Almond production residues as natural rubber fillers. McMahan, Colleen; Torres, Lennard; Wood, Delilah; Orts, William; Wagner, Connor Nov 1, 2020 2457
Natural rubber compounds. Nov 1, 2020 179
Natural rubber molding. Nov 1, 2020 185
Study on the Seismic Performance of Different Combinations of Rubber Bearings for Continuous Beam Bridges. Zhang, Yumin; Li, Jiawu; Wang, Lingbo; Wu, Hao Oct 19, 2020 11361
NARPPMAN Decries Low Investment In Rubber Estates. Oct 18, 2020 400
NR sustainability project includes smallholders. Oct 1, 2020 394
ETRMA endorses EU's stance on natural rubber. Oct 1, 2020 401
Tire and method of manufacturing rubber composition. Oct 1, 2020 166
Rubber composition, method for producing same, and tire. Oct 1, 2020 175
Rubber composition and tire. Aug 1, 2020 179
Laminating FEPM fluoroelastomers to other rubbers for automotive hose applications. Yagi, Keisuke Aug 1, 2020 1802
Improvement of Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Vietnam Deproteinized Natural Rubber via Graft Copolymerization with Methyl Methacrylate. Nguyen, Thi Nhan; Duy, Hieu Nguyen; Anh, Dung Tran; Thi, Thuong Nghiem; Nguyen, Thu Ha; Van, Nam Ngu Jul 31, 2020 6064
Rubber exports stretch 17%. Jul 5, 2020 488
A review of environmentally friendly rubber production using different vegetable oils. Sovtic, Novica; Predrag, Kojic S.; Bera, Oskar J.; Pavlicevic, Jelena M.; Govedarica, Olga M.; Jovic Jun 1, 2020 13655
ANRPC reports global NR consumption fell 1%. Jun 1, 2020 291
Rubber composition for tire, production process for same, and tire. Jun 1, 2020 216
Natural rubber exports retain bounce during Covid-19 crisis. May 19, 2020 432
ANRPC revises global NR consumption outlook. May 1, 2020 231
Ultrasonic Extrusion of NR Gum and Its Effect on the Structure and Properties of Unfilled and Silica-Filled NR. Liang, Tian; Isayev, Avraam I. May 1, 2020 6538
Shanghai to resume continuous trading of futures and options. Apr 26, 2020 156
Pandemic drives down global NR consumption. Apr 1, 2020 228
Studies on the Complexation of 3d Transition Metal Ions with NR/PEO Block Copolymer in Aqueous Medium. Mrudula, Mundanayil Sasidharan; Nair, Mazhuvadyil Ramakrishna Pillai Gopinathan Apr 1, 2020 10222
ANRPC reports global NR consumption fell 1%. Mar 1, 2020 223
Rubber composition for tires and pneumatic tire. Mar 1, 2020 152
Improved cut, chip and chunk resistance with no sacrifice in rolling resistance or heat build-up in tire compounds. Krupp, August; Peddini, Sateesh Feb 1, 2020 2753
Halcyon Agri promotes sustainable rubber. Jan 1, 2020 109
Elastomers Market 2019 Global Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast To 2024. Dec 4, 2019 912
Method for producing natural rubber. Dec 1, 2019 103
Rubber composition for tire and pneumatic tire. Dec 1, 2019 143
Rubber composition for tire tread. Dec 1, 2019 170
Potential Applications of Guayulins to Improve Feasibility of Guayule Cultivation. Jara, Francisco M.; Cornish, Katrina; Carmona, Manuel Dec 1, 2019 5109
Unites States Rubber Market Report 2019: Historic & Forecast Demand Data for 2008-2023. Report Nov 21, 2019 329
Vystar develops deproteinized latex. Rohrer, Jill Nov 1, 2019 175
Effect of epoxidation on the dynamic properties of natural rubber. Picken, J.; Martin, P.J.; Abdul, Tun Nov 1, 2019 1563
China hosts global rubber conference. Calendar Nov 1, 2019 291
Natural rubber materials for NVH solutions. Nov 1, 2019 246
Natural rubber and latex. Nov 1, 2019 179
Natural rubber products. Nov 1, 2019 197
Philippines expands market access for rubber products. Oct 19, 2019 336
University signs up to Thailand project. Oct 8, 2019 399
Continental AG (, Hanover, Germany, a technology company and global tire manufacturer; Michelin, a global developer of tires and sustainable mobility; and Smag, a software developer for agriculture, have announced the creation of a joint venture specializing in the development and deployment of technological solutions for mapping sustainability practices in the supply chain of natural rubber, called Rubberway. Oct 1, 2019 108
Natural Rubber Latex Market: 2019 Global Opportunities, Share, Key Players, Size, Competitive Analysis and Regional Forecast To 2025. Sep 19, 2019 1484
Natural Rubber: Global Procurement Market Intelligence Report, 2018. Report Sep 9, 2019 607
Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM): Sustainability Objectives Push Focus on Bio-based Variants. Sep 3, 2019 736
IRSG collaborating on sustainable NR. Sep 1, 2019 566
Rubber composition for studless winter tires, and studless winter tire. Sep 1, 2019 138
Silica for truck/bus tires. Sep 1, 2019 125
Dispersion and Properties of Natural Rubber-Montmorillonite Nanocomposites Fabricated by Novel In Situ organomodified and Latex Compounding Method. Fathurrohman, Mohamad Irfan; Rugmai, Supagorn; Hayeemasae, Nabil; Sahakaro, Kannika Report Sep 1, 2019 6899
Beware of natural fruit and nut ingredients in latex-allergic patients. Baumann, Leslie S. Sep 1, 2019 1577
Chlorobutyl Rubber Market To Show Robust Growth Driven By Soaring Demand Form Automotive And Pharmaceutical Sector Till 2023 / Million Insights. Aug 28, 2019 1034
Global Styrenated Phenol (CAS 61788-44-1) Market to Exhibit a CAGR of 5.04% during the period 2019-2024: Radiant Insights, Inc. Aug 21, 2019 804
Automotive Bushing Market Surging Demand Motivated by Modernization Set to Uphold Higher Revenue. Aug 20, 2019 759
China launches natural rubber futures to overseas investors. Aug 13, 2019 222
Vystar Corp granted notice of allowance for patent for natural rubber latex. Aug 5, 2019 132
The IRSG and the Forests, Trees and Agroforestry research program of the CGIAR. Aug 1, 2019 107
U.K. hosts International Rubber Conference. Conference news Aug 1, 2019 452
Materials publications. Aug 1, 2019 111
Natural Rubber Compounding Market Research Report, Analysis, Size, Key Players and Future Forecast t. Report Jul 25, 2019 989
Understanding the Reinforcing Efficiency of Waste Eggshell-Derived Nano Calcium Carbonate in Natural Rubber Composites with Maleated Natural Rubber as Compatibilizer. Roy, Kumarjyoti; Debnath, Subhas Chandra; Raengthon, Natthaphon; Potiyaraj, Pranut Report Jul 1, 2019 4410
China's mixed rubber policy to affect Thai, Vietnamese imports. Jun 9, 2019 149
Natural rubber market down 5.8%. Jun 1, 2019 160
Grafting Polyisoprene onto Surfaces of Nanosilica via RAFT Polymerization and Modification of Natural Rubber. Xiang, Yixin; Shen, Xianrong; Gao, Jiangang; Asiri, Abdullah M.; Marwani, Hadi M. Report Jun 1, 2019 5441
Vystar Acquires Fluid Energy Conversion Technology Assets. May 29, 2019 330
Vystar Acquires Fluid Energy Conversion Technology Assets. May 29, 2019 334
Tire Materials Market Analysis Showcases Growth Trends and Opportunity Until 2028. Report May 17, 2019 900
Turkmenistan aims at industrial production of synthetic rubber. May 2, 2019 435
Synthetic rubber solution. May 1, 2019 184
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Nanocomposites Containing Different Clays by Latex Compounding Method. Cova, Mariajose; Fernandez, Mariela; Fernandez, Alejandra; Garcia, Daniela; Bacigalupe, Alejando; Sa Report Apr 1, 2019 6154
World rubber consumption grew in 2018, decline predicted for 2019. Jumpasut, Prachaya Apr 1, 2019 5393
Evidence in Practice of Tissue Healing with Latex Biomembrane: Integrative Review. Rosa, Suelia de Siqueira Rodrigues Fleury; Rosa, Mario Fabricio Fleury; Fonseca, Marcos Augusto Mout Mar 31, 2019 7719
Vystar receives second European patent for reduced allergenicity rubber latex. Mar 4, 2019 130
NR stakeholders agree on sustainability platform. Mar 1, 2019 358
World NR demand up 5%. Mar 1, 2019 164
Performance Evaluation of Hot Mixture Asphalt Using Concentrated Rubber Latex, Rubber Compound and Synthetic Polymer as Modifier. Suaryana, N.; Sofyan, T.S. Mar 1, 2019 4234
Extractable Protein Levels in Latex Products, and Their Associated Risks, Emphasizing American Dentistry. Cornish, Katrina; Bates, Griffin M.; Slutzky, J. Lauren; Meleshchuk, Anatoliy; Xie, Wenshuang; Selle Mar 1, 2019 4790
Rubber Opportunities For US Economy. Feb 23, 2019 599
Laminate, inner liner material and pneumatic tire. Feb 1, 2019 173
China adds more commodity options to hedge price risks. Jan 29, 2019 637
China adds more commodity options to hedge price risks. Jan 28, 2019 220
Saturation of the natural rubber latex industry--revisited. Jumpasut, Prachaya Jan 1, 2019 1837
Cure Retardation of Peroxide-Cured Silica Filled Natural Rubber Influenced by Organosilane. Pattanawanidchai, Sirichai; Sae-Oui, Pongdhorn; Sirisinha, Chakrit; Siriwong, Chomsri Report Jan 1, 2019 4448
Rubber to Metal Bonding Agents Market : Comprehensive Analysis and Future Estimations 2028. Nov 23, 2018 1005
Sustainable NR platform launched. Rohrer, Jill Nov 1, 2018 190
Elastomer composite blends, method and apparatus for producing same. Nov 1, 2018 120
Comparison of silica-NR masterbatches with in-situ silica/silane compounds. Hersanto, Suyanti; Kaewsakul, Wisut; Dierkes, Wilma K.; Blume, Anke; Bertrand, Joachim Nov 1, 2018 2382
Specialty latex material for sustainable product applications. Rubaizah, M.R. Fatimah; Hashim, Amir; Hayati, Y. Nurul; Asri, A. Mohamad; Roslim, R.; Rohani, A.B. Nov 1, 2018 3287
Epolene polymers for the rubber industry. Nov 1, 2018 320
Natural rubber, composites. Nov 1, 2018 172
Natural rubber for NVH. Nov 1, 2018 141
Carbon stock in the development of different designs of biodiverse agroforestry systems/Estoque de carbono no desenvolvimento de diferentes desenhos de sistemas agroflorestais biodiversos. Fernandes, Cinira de A.F.; Matsumoto, Sylvana N.; Fernandes, Volney S. Oct 1, 2018 3820
NR surplus to future shortage possibility. Jumpasut, Prachaya Oct 1, 2018 1558
Americas International. Oct 1, 2018 248
Detectamet Detectable Natural Rubber Gloves. Sep 16, 2018 282
Synthesis of Modified Natural Rubber With Grafted Poly(acetoacetoxyethyl methacrylate-co-methyl methacrylate) and Performance of Derived Adhesives With GTA Crosslinker. Thongnuanchan, Bencha; Ninjan, Rattanawadee; Kaesaman, Azizon; Nakason, Charoen Report Sep 1, 2018 6684
Rubber/tire process oil. Sep 1, 2018 167
Pure TPE latex for gloves. Sep 1, 2018 179
Global natural rubber market to grow over 4%. Aug 1, 2018 274
Fuel from waste tires is researched. Rohrer, Jill Jul 1, 2018 211
Global natural rubber market grew over 6%; concerns over trade war lead to futures selloff. Jul 1, 2018 274
Rubber composition for coating fiber cord, and pneumatic tire. Jul 1, 2018 173
Mechanical Properties of Siliceous Earth/ Natural Rubber Composites. Chen, Jing; Zhong, Jieping; Li, Sidong; Wang, Bingbing; Pan, Rongkan; Gao, Lijun Report Jul 1, 2018 6417
Rubber composition for heavy-load tire, and pneumatic tire. Jun 1, 2018 162
Rubber composition for tires, and pneumatic tire. Jun 1, 2018 151
Experimental Characterisation of a Flat Dielectric Elastomer Loudspeaker. Rustighi, Emiliano; Kaal, William; Herold, Sven; Kubbara, Ahmed Jun 1, 2018 5274
Melt Compounding and Characterization of Poly(lactide) Stereocomplex/Natural Rubber Composites. Pholharn, Dutchanee; Srithep, Yottha; Morris, John Report May 1, 2018 4153
Preparation of Poly(methyl methacrylate)-Silica Nanoparticles via Differential Microemulsion Polymerization and Physical Properties of NR/PMMA-Si[O.sub.2] Hybrid Membranes. Tumnantong, Dusadee; Rempel, Garry L.; Prasassarakich, Pattarapan Report May 1, 2018 6612
Rubber compositions and uses thereof. Apr 1, 2018 141
Top 10 rubber consuming countries remain. Jumpasut, Prachaya Apr 1, 2018 5401
Custom rubber mixing. Mar 1, 2018 109
Asia's First Corporate Sustainability Bond issued by TLFF Indonesia. Feb 27, 2018 1425
First Corporate Sustainability Bond in Asia Issued by TLFF for a Natural Rubber Company in Indonesia. Feb 26, 2018 1422
Global natural rubber market to grow over 4%. Feb 1, 2018 271
Down with damping. Jan 1, 2018 200
Effect of Silane Treatment Methods on Physical Properties of Rice Husk Flour/Natural Rubber Composites. Srisuwan, Ladawan; Jarukumjorn, Kasama; Suppakarn, Nitinat Jan 1, 2018 7754
Reduction of Offensive Odor from Natural Rubber Using Zinc-Modified Bentonite. Pajarito, Bryan B.; Castaneda, Kayla C.; Jeresano, Sofia Denise M.; Repoquit, Dominique Ann N. Jan 1, 2018 5689
Sectorial adjustment costs induced by the Colombian pattern of international trade, 1991-2015/Costos de ajuste sectoriales inducidos por el patron de Comercio Internacional Colombiano, 1991-2015/Couts d'ajustement sectorials induits par la structure du commerce international colombien, 1991-2015. Garcia, Edwin Arbey Hernandez; Lopez, Leonardo Raffo Ensayo Jan 1, 2018 8719
Preparation and Characterization of Rubber Blends for Industrial Tire Tread Fabrication. Mensah, B.; Agyei-Tuffour, B.; Nyankson, E.; Bensah, Y.D.; Dodoo-Arhin, D.; Bediako, J.K.; Onwona-Ag Jan 1, 2018 7521
Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Vietnam Modified Natural Rubber via Grafting with Styrene. Dung, T.A.; Nhan, N.T.; Thuong, N.T.; Viet, D.Q.; Tung, N.H.; Nghia, P.T.; Kawahara, S.; Thuy, T.T. Jan 1, 2018 4697
Composites from Thermoplastic Natural Rubber Reinforced Rubberwood Sawdust: Effects of Sawdust Size and Content on Thermal, Physical, and Mechanical Properties. Homkhiew, Chatree; Rawangwong, Surasit; Boonchouytan, Worapong; Thongruang, Wiriya; Ratanawilai, Tha Jan 1, 2018 6460
Fabrication and Characterization of Natural Rubber-Based Magnetorheological Elastomers at Large Strain for Base Isolators. Lee, Chan Woo; Kim, In-Ho; Jung, Hyung-Jo Jan 1, 2018 5913
Flexible and Stretchable Electrode Based on Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube/Deproteinized Natural Rubber Composites. Tangkitthanachoke, Paweenuch; Petcharoen, Karat; Paradee, Nophawan; Sangwan, Watchara; Sirivat, Anuv Report Dec 1, 2017 8450
Apollo Tyres invents NR grade. Rohrer, Jill Nov 1, 2017 160
NR consumption outpacing production. Nov 1, 2017 869
Using vegetable tannin to preserve natural rubber latex and to decrease or suppress its allergic action. Pastore, Floriano, Jr.; Peres, Joao Bosco, Jr.; Kramer, Julia; Gomes, Natalia; Paterno, Leonardo; Wo Nov 1, 2017 4216
Effect of filler type on abrasion resistance in natural rubber compounds. Terrill, Edward R.; Palmer, Barry; Martens, Jonathan; Zickefoose, Bob Nov 1, 2017 3251
New concept for a natural rubber quality check. Chang, David Nov 1, 2017 1720
University of Akron holds bushing course. Nov 1, 2017 363
Natural rubber distributor. Nov 1, 2017 144
Tire. Sep 1, 2017 105
Tough, Self-Healing Rubber Developed. Aug 19, 2017 594
Guayule in tires grant completed. Rohrer, Jill Aug 1, 2017 169
Cooper Tire, partners complete study grant. Aug 1, 2017 103
Comparison of sulfur, selenium and tellurium cure systems in natural rubber. Del Vecchio, R.J.; Ferro, Ernest Aug 1, 2017 2732
Impact of carbon black on durability of vulcanized rubbers. Kardan, Mahmoud; Ferguson, Robert; Seitz, Rebeca Aug 1, 2017 2399
Low molecular weight polymer waxes. Aug 1, 2017 342
Refined paraffin wax. Aug 1, 2017 152
Global SBR market to near $10 billion by 2025. Jul 1, 2017 371
Tires drive polybutadiene. Jul 1, 2017 166
Bounce-back for natural rubber prices. Jul 1, 2017 139
Rubber composition for tire bead insulation and pneumatic tire. Jul 1, 2017 175
Elastomer composition for a tire object having a self-sealing property. Jul 1, 2017 175
Strip, method for manufacturing the same, and method for manufacturing pneumatic tire. Jul 1, 2017 138
Vice tightens on India rubber man'. Nevin, Tom Jun 1, 2017 710
NR prices drop despite deficit in world supply. Jun 1, 2017 548
Bead filler rubber composition and pneumatic tire. Jun 1, 2017 175
Enhancement of electrical conductivity and other related properties of epoxidized natural rubber/carbon nanotube composites by optimizing concentration of 3-aminopropyltriethoxy silane. Nakaramontri, Yeampon; Nakason, Charoen; Kummerlowe, Claudia; Vennemann, Norbert Report Apr 1, 2017 7957
Rubber tire compound production method. Apr 1, 2017 146
Rubber consumption grows for seventh year. Jumpasut, Prachaya Apr 1, 2017 4634
Top five tire tips: Care and feeding of the only things between you and the ground. Berry, Mike Apr 1, 2017 2049
Global RSS market to exceed 5.7 mmt by 2022. Mar 1, 2017 372
Method for producing epoxidized natural rubber, rubber composition for tires, and pneumatic tire. Mar 1, 2017 102
Guayule's past meets its future. Durham, Sharon Mar 1, 2017 639
Silica Based Superhydrophobic Nanocoatings for Natural Rubber Surfaces. Wimalasiri, Veromee Kalpana; Weerathunga, Helapiyumi Uthpala; Kottegoda, Nilwala; Karunaratne, Veran Jan 1, 2017 5917
Reinforcement of Natural Rubber with Bacterial Cellulose via a Latex Aqueous Microdispersion Process. Phomrak, Sirilak; Phisalaphong, Muenduen Jan 1, 2017 5909
The Effect of High Loaded Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes in Natural Rubber and Their Nonlinear Material Constants. Elango, Natarajan; Gupta, N. Srinivasa; Jiun, Yu Lih; Golshahr, Alireza Jan 1, 2017 7162
Nanocomposites of NR/SBR Blend Prepared by Latex Casting Method: Effects of Nano-Ti[O.sub.2] and Polystyrene-Encapsulated Nano-Ti[O.sub.2] on the Cure Characteristics, Physical Properties, and Morphology. Boonmahitthisud, Anyaporn; Chaiwutthinan, Peeraphong PokphaPhasawat; Chuayjuljit, Saowaroj Jan 1, 2017 7270
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Systemic Identification of Hevea brasiliensis EST-SSR Markers and Primer Screening. Hou, Benjun; Feng, Suping; Wu, Yaoting Report Jan 1, 2017 6814
Development of an Economical Method to Reduce the Extractable Latex Protein Levels in Finished Dipped Rubber Products. Perera, Ambegoda Liyanage Harini Amalka; Perera, Bulathsinhalage Gayani Kanchana Report Jan 1, 2017 5299
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Low mold fouling adhesive: Features and bond performance. Pitia, Emmanuel Dec 1, 2016 2643
New Range of Vibration Damping Elements from Elesa for Machines and Equipment. Nov 25, 2016 273
Comparison of cure systems on age stiffening and fatigue crack growth characteristics in natural rubber and polybutadiene. Halladay, James R. Nov 1, 2016 2680
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Investigations into the use of guayule in automotive rubber part formulations. Tardiff, Janice L.; Titova, Mariya; Harper, Madeline; Fiori, Marie Nov 1, 2016 3834
Globally patented natural rubber alternative. Nov 1, 2016 232
Cooper Tire, consortium partners develop guayule polymer for tires. Oct 1, 2016 545
Global synthetic rubber levels expected to drop. Oct 1, 2016 1237
Modified natural rubber. Oct 1, 2016 132
ANRPC sees bleak future. Sep 1, 2016 148
Tire with improved grip on wet ground. Sep 1, 2016 107
Rubber composition for undertread, and pneumatic tire. Aug 1, 2016 117
Pittsburgh hosts Rubber Division. Aug 1, 2016 4539
Preparation and characterization of compatibilized graphene oxide based natural rubber /nitrile butadiene rubber nano composites. Naveenkumar, S.; Thulasimani, G.; Malathi, S.K. Jun 15, 2016 1487
Process for producing resin-extended isoprene rubber, rubber composition obtained by the process and pneumatic tire. Jun 1, 2016 189
Latex-T: rapid testing for the detection of allergens in natural rubber latex products. Di Cola, Alessandra Jun 1, 2016 1914
Rubber consuming countries ranked for 2015. Jumpasut, Prachaya Apr 1, 2016 3740
US Polymer Maker Omnova Solutions Sells India Rubber Business for USD 5m. Feb 10, 2016 229
US Polymer Maker Omnova Solutions Sells India Rubber Business for USD 5m. Feb 10, 2016 230
XRSize Announces New Addition of Instructional Yoga DVD, Durable Carry Bag, Mat Strap Bundled with Their Extra Long, Grippy, Durable Organic Natural Rubber Yoga Mat. Jan 21, 2016 405
Method for producing an epoxidized natural rubber, rubber composition for tires, and pneumatic tire. Jan 1, 2016 114
Effects of thermal and humidity aging on the interfacial adhesion of polyketone fiber reinforced natural rubber composites. Lee, Han Ki; Kim, Dae Sik; Won, Jong Sung; Jin, Da Young; Lee, Hyun Jae; Lee, Seung Goo Jan 1, 2016 4066
Modified natural rubber and method of manufacturing the same, rubber composition and tire. Dec 1, 2015 110
Modified natural rubber, method for producing same, rubber composition and pneumatic tire. Dec 1, 2015 176
Effect of reinforcement on the barrier and dielectric properties of epoxidized natural rubber-graphene nanocomposites. Yaragalla, Srinivasarao; Chandran, C. Sarath; Kalarikkal, Nandakumar; Subban, R.H.Y.; Chan, Chin Han Report Nov 1, 2015 4147
Effects of in-situ functionalization of carbon nanotubes with Bis(triethoxysilylpropyl) Tetrasulfide (TESPT) and 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) on Properties of epoxidized natural rubber-carbon nanotube composites. Nakaramontri, Yeampon; Nakason, Charoen; Kummerlowe, Claudia; Vennemann, Norbert Report Nov 1, 2015 7216
Effects of magnetic field input cycle and peptizer on the MR effect of magneto-rheological elastomer based on natural rubber. Chung, Kyungho; Jeong, Unchang; Oh, Jae-Eung Report Nov 1, 2015 3921
Effects of carbon black on dynamic properties of natural rubber. Del Vecchio, R.J.; Ferro, Ernest; Michael, Robert Nov 1, 2015 2615
Formulating ultra high molecular weight EPDM to match NR fatigue and dynamic performance. Spanos, Pete; Beelen, John; Gogelein, Christoph; van Duin, Martin; van der Aar, Niels Nov 1, 2015 2236
Multifunctional use of ionic liquids in natural rubber based compounds. Galimberti, Maurizio; Tine, Laura; Cipolletti, Valeria; Barbera, Vincenzina; Casillo, Stefania; Atti Nov 1, 2015 3731
Vietnam hosts rubber conference. Conference news Nov 1, 2015 520
Zero halogen, low smoke compound based on NR. Nov 1, 2015 253
Natural rubber grades. Nov 1, 2015 144
Natural rubber products. Nov 1, 2015 105
Value chain management of natural rubber. Nov 1, 2015 401
Mettre fin a l'ancienne et mauvaise experience du gazon de caoutchouc. Oct 16, 2015 498
Recent trends of the global NR latex industry. Oct 1, 2015 1696
Modified natural rubber or modified natural rubber latex, and rubber composition and pneumatic tire. Oct 1, 2015 101
Impedance spectroscopy of polymer electrolytes based on epoxidized natural rubber with 50 mol% epoxide content. Chan, Chin Han; Kammer, Hans-Werner Oct 1, 2015 4079
Light controlling properties of highly oriented natural rubber latex film. Mukhsin, Norzurain; Shaari, Helyati Abu Hassan; Ishak, Mohd Azlan Mohd Report Sep 1, 2015 3053
Anatomy of Prehiliar Segment of the Renal Artery in Dogs/Anatomia del Segmento Prehiliar de la Arteria Renal en Caninos. Salinas, Paulo; Schwerter, Rodolfo Sep 1, 2015 2398
MOLECULAR PROFILE OF SENSITIZATION IN SUBJECTS WITH SHORT OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURE TO LATEX. Lamberti, Monica; Buonanno, Rosaria; Ritonnaro, Chiara; Giovane, Giancarlo; Crispino, Vincenzo; Feol Survey Sep 1, 2015 4487
Bioconversion of natural rubber processing effluent for bioprotein and protease production by Aspergillus oryzae. Abdullah, Nurul Ain Harmiza; Nayan, Nor Amirra Abu; Kamaludin, Nor Helya Iman; Tompang, Fahrurrazi; Report Aug 1, 2015 2759
Polychloroprene latex. Aug 1, 2015 148
Global ButadieneMarket to Cross 13MMT in Volume Terms by 2020 Says TechSciReport. Jul 25, 2015 440

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