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Natural restaurant guide.

Natural Restaurant Guide

                   Location/Contact                   Years in


R Thomas          1812 Peachtree St NW,                 17
Deluxe Grill      404-881-0246

Sprout Cafe       1475 Holcomb Bridge Rd.               1

Madras Saravana   2179 V Lawrenceville Hwy.
Bhavan            Decatur, GA 30033, 404-384-4754


Early Girl        8 Wall St., Asheville                 1
Eatery            828-259-9292

Earth Fare        66 Westgate Pkwy                      25

Good fortune      1187 Russ Ave.                        7
Oriental          Waynesville, NC
Restaurant        828-452-3773

Heiwa             87 N. Lexington Ave., Asheville       8
Shokudo           828-254-7761

Max & Rosie's     52 N. Lexington Ave., Asheville       11
Cafe and          828-254-5342
Juice Bar

Rosetta's         116 N. Lexington Ave., Asheville      0.5
Kitchen           828-232-0738

Salsa Mexican     Patton Ave.,(near Pack Square)        6
Caribbean         Asheville 828-252-9805

Spring            3 East Jackson St., Sylva, NC         3
St. Cafe          828-586-1800

Trevi             2 Hendersonville Rd. Asheville        7
Restaurant        828-281-1400

                  Breakfast    Lunch    Dinner


R Thomas           [check]    [check]   [check]
Deluxe Grill

Sprout Cafe        [check]    [check]   [check]

Madras Saravana       x       [check]   [check]


Early Girl         [check]    [check]   [check]

Earth Fare         [check]    [check]   [check]

Good fortune          x       [check]   [check]

Heiwa                 x       [check]   [check]

Max & Rosie's         x       [check]      x
Cafe and
Juice Bar

Rosetta's          [check]    [check]   [check]

Salsa Mexican      [check]    [check]   [check]
Caribbean         (starting
Restaurant         in May)

Spring             [check]    [check]   [check]
St. Cafe

Trevi                 x       [check]   [check]

                   Cuisine                     Organic   Vegetarian
                                                Food        Food


R Thomas           Healthy and eclectic        [check]     [check]
Deluxe Grill       cuisine 24-hours a day.

Sprout Cafe        Organic raw fruits, vege-   [check]     [check]
                   tables, nust, and seeds.

Madras Saravana    East Indian vegetarian      [check]     [check]
Bhavan             cuisine (Ayurvedic)


Early Girl         Made from scartch meals     [check]     [check]
Eatery             with a regional emphasis

Earth Fare         Healthy cuisine             [check]     [check]

Good fortune       Asian, Eclectic, Friday     [check]     [check]
Oriental           night vegetarian & meat
Restaurant         buffet.

Heiwa              Healthy japanese            [check]     [check]
Shokudo            cuisine!

Max & Rosie's      Vegetarian/vegan            [check]     [check]
Cafe and           with full juice bar
Juice Bar

Rosetta's          Eclectic mix of vegan &     [check]     [check]
Kitchen            vegetarian soul food

Salsa Mexican      Eclectic Mex-Carribean      [check]     [check]
Caribbean          cuisine with a gourmet
Restaurant         flair

Spring             Casual eclectic southern    [check]     [check]
St. Cafe           comfort food

Trevi              Full service authentic         x        [check]
Restaurant         Italian

                   homone-free   Locally   Uniquely Healthy
                      Meats       Grown


R Thomas             [check]     [check]   Fresh juice bar.
Deluxe Grill                               Consulting Chef Donna
                                           Gates under the Body
                                           Ecology Diet. We cook
                                           with good oils.
                                           Extensive vegan

Sprout Cafe          [check]     [check]   Organic gourmet raw
                                           foods freshly and
                                           creatively prepared
                                           without destroying or
                                           damaging enzymes or
                                           nutritional value.
                                           From pizza to tacos,
                                           to apple pie, carrot
                                           cake and Nice Cream.

Madras Saravana         x           x      Our restaurant
Bhavan                                     features cooking from
                                           southern India, with
                                           all-vegetarian meals
ASHEVILLE/WNC                              made using  healing
                                           including Ayurvedic

Early Girl           [check]     [check]   We buy locally
Eatery                                     whenever possible so
                                           our food is fresh and
                                           we know the
                                           conditions under
                                           which it has been
                                           grown or raised. We
                                           often use organic
                                           ingredients and are
                                           committed to each
                                           guest's needs.

Earth Fare           [check]     [check]   We are a cafe within
                                           a natural foods
                                           supermarket. We offer
                                           a large hot food and
                                           salad bar that
                                           includes vegetarian
                                           and vegan choices. We
                                           also have a juice and
                                           smoothies bar.

Good fortune            x        [check]   Organic tofu, organic,
Oriental                                   local produce when
Restaurant                                 available. Many
                                           vegetarian and vegan
                                           dishes. Spice of the
                                           World buffet Fri
                                           nights, with veg &
                                           meat dishes. Veg
                                           buffets Wed dinner
                                           and Sun lunch.

Heiwa                [check]     [check]   Quality ingredients,
Shokudo                                    great tasting
                                           nourishing food, and
                                           a friendly relaxed
                                           environment make our
                                           restaurant one of the
                                           healthiest in the

Max & Rosie's           x        [check]   We serve only
Cafe and                                   vegetarian meals with
Juice Bar                                  a large vegan
                                           selection. We use
                                           locally  grown and as
                                           much organic as
                                           possible. Everything
                                           is prepared fresh
                                           daily.Juices and
                                           smoothies are made to

Rosetta's               x        [check]   More than half
Kitchen                                    organic-no
                                           hydrogenated oils-
                                           mostly vegan-spelt
                                           bread sandwiches-
                                           local produce-fresh

Salsa Mexican        [check]     [check]   Salsa provides
Caribbean                                  healing food for your
Restaurant                                 soul as well as your
                                           body. Truly amazing
                                           combinations of
                                           natural ingredients
                                           make your mouth happy!

Spring               [check]     [check]   Featuring local farm
St. Cafe                                   produce, livestock
                                           and dairy as well as
                                           wild edibles, Spring
                                           St. Cafe offers
                                           healthy, seasonal,
                                           colorful meals
                                           created in the whole
                                           foods tradition.
                                           Live-Free-Eat Well!

Trevi                [check]     [check]   Consistently voted
Restaurant                                 best Italian
                                           restaurant in Western
                                           North Carolina
                                           serving authentic
                                           regional specialties
                                           on focusing the
                                           healthy mediterranean
                                           diet. Full ABC permits,
                                           indoor or outdoor
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