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In Vitro Acaricidal Activity of Selected Medicinal Plants Traditionally Used against Ticks in Eastern Ethiopia. Kemal, Jelalu; Zerihun, Tesfaheywet; Alemu, Sisay; Sali, Kedir; Nasir, Musa; Abraha, Ashebr; Feyera, Report Mar 31, 2020 8736
A New Method to Test Molluscicides against the Philippine Schistosomiasis Snail Vectors. Gomez, Darwin C.; Anacta, Neil Report Mar 1, 2020 5367
Corrosion inhibition behaviour of Azardirachta indica (Neem) leaves extract as a green corrosion inhibitor for zinc in hydrochloric acid: a preliminary study. Sharma, Sanjay K.; Jain, Gargi; Sharma, Jyoti; Mudhoo, Ackmez Report Jan 1, 2010 4406
Management of fall armyworm in corn with commercial neem and Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. aizawai/Manejo da lagarta-do-cartucho em milho com formulacoes de nim e Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. aizawai. de Lima, Marcileyne Pessoa Leite; de Oliveira, Jose Vargas; Marques, Edmilson Jacinto Report Jul 1, 2009 2380
Actividad biologica de Tagetes filifolia (Asteraceae) en Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae). Camarillo R., Gabriela; Ortega A., Laura D.; Serrato C., Miguel A.; Rodriguez H., Cesareo Jul 1, 2009 8604
Lo nicotine ..but high in tangerine. Oct 28, 2007 88
Smoking cessation and alcohol abstinence: what do the data tell us? Gulliver, Suzy Bird; Kamholz, Barbara W.; Helstrom, Amy W. Sep 22, 2006 3669
Treating smoking dependence in depressed alcoholics. Ait-Daoud, Nassima; Lynch, Wendy J.; Penberthy, J. Kim; Breland, Alison B.; Marzani-Nissen, Gabriell Clinical report Sep 22, 2006 5764
Cigarette smoking among adolescents with alcohol and other drug use problems. Myers, Mark G.; Kelly, John F. Sep 22, 2006 4548
An epidemiologic analysis of co-occurring alcohol and tobacco use and disorders: findings from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions. Falk, Daniel E.; Yi, Hsiao-ye; Hiller-Sturmhofel, Susanne Sep 22, 2006 7156
Alcohol's actions on neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. Davis, Tiffany J.; de Fiebre, Christopher M. Sep 22, 2006 6120
Biological processes underlying co-use of alcohol and nicotine: neuronal mechanisms, cross-tolerance, and genetic factors. Funk, Douglas; Marinelli, Peter W.; Le, Anh D. Sep 22, 2006 5265
Tobacco cessation treatment for alcohol-dependent smokers: when is the best time? Kodl, Molly; Fu, Steven S.; Joseph, Anne M. Sep 22, 2006 3975
Common items prove helpful in the garden. Lang, Mike Aug 1, 2005 535
Simultaneous and sensitive measurement of anabasine, nicotine, and nicotine metabolites in human urine by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Xu, Xu; Iba, Michael M.; Weisel, Clifford P. Dec 1, 2004 5391
Denaturing HPLC-based approach for detecting RYR2 mutations involved in malignant arrhythmias. Bagattin, Alessia; Veronese, Caterina; Bauce, Barbara; Wuyts, Wim; Settimo, Luca; Nava, Andrea; Ramp Jul 1, 2004 4631
Scanning for mutations of the ryanodine receptor (RYRI) gene by denaturing HPLC: detection of three novel malignant hyperthermia alleles. Tammaro, Angela; Bracco, Adele; Cozzolino, Santolo; Esposito, Maria; Di Martino, Antonietta; Savoia, May 1, 2003 4999
Simultaneous analysis of nicotine, nicotine metabolites, and tobacco alkaloids in serum or urine by tandem mass spectrometry, with clinically relevant metabolic profiles. Moyer, Thomas P.; Charlson, Joel R.; Enger, Robert J.; Dale, Lowell C.; Ebbert, Jon O.; Schroeder, D Clinical report Sep 1, 2002 7901
Ghostly clay a savior in the orchard. (green gazette). Howard, Doreen, G. Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 318
Ferocious Fire Ant, Meet Your Foes! Weaver-Missick, Tara Mar 1, 2000 1773
It's Nature's Way. HAYHURST, CHRIS Mar 1, 1999 754
Is natural pesticide too hard on people? Milius, S. Brief Article Nov 7, 1998 515
Two Italian imports tackle musk thistle. De Quattro, Jim Mar 1, 1997 1110
How temperature, plant defenses alter bugs. Adler, Tina Brief Article Jun 22, 1996 408
Mauling mosquitoes naturally. Adler, Tina Apr 27, 1996 2034
IPM and the war on pests. Gardner, Gary Mar 1, 1996 4580
Environmentally friendly agents wage war on pests and pesticides. Chase, Victor D. Apr 1, 1995 1261
Raising wasps that cotton to boll weevils. Raloff, Janet Brief Article May 28, 1994 401
For a stronger fruit industry. Miller, Stephen S. Column Nov 1, 1993 683
Fighting bugs to save cassava. Strobel, Gabrielle Brief Article Oct 30, 1993 498
Cocaine each day keeps the bugs away. Brief Article Oct 30, 1993 282
The quixotic quest for chemical-free farming. Gianessi, Leonard Sep 22, 1993 4699

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