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Natural health now "must-see TV". (Trade Talk).

Watching TV often invokes cravings for potato chips and pizza, but a new program starting this January, "Alive and Well with Michelle Harris," will try to counteract this trend by becoming the first large-scale national television series to focus on getting people to eat natural and healthy foods. "Michelle has a background in the entertainment industry and for the last five years she's actually been involved in the health food industry as well," says Mark Harris, one of the show's executive producers and Michelle's husband.

The weekly magazine-style program features the latest health trends and products, including segments on healthy cooking, natural foods, nutrition, alternative medicine and natural beauty treatments. The show will also include grocery "makeovers," in which someone from the program will approach shoppers in supermarkets and demonstrate healthier items to buy and eat. The show will begin airing in January 2002 on Saturday afternoons on the GoodLife TV Network.
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Author:Zimoch, Rebecca
Publication:Grocery Headquarters
Date:Dec 1, 2001
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