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Natural hand lotion.

United-Guardian Inc.



Phase A

Deionized water 57.95

Lubrajel Natural (United-Guardian) (Glycerin (and) 20.00
beta-glucan (and) algin (and) xanthan gum)

Phase B

Cerasvnt Q (Ashland) (Glyceryl stearate SE) 4.00

Crodacol 95NF (Croda) (Cetyl alcohol) 1.25

Lipovol P (Lipo) (Prunus armeniaca (apricot) kernel oil) 4.00

Lipovol C (Lipo) (VitisVinifera (grape) seed oil) 6.00

Lipobutter Refined Shea (Lipo) (Butvrospermum parkii 5.00
(shea butter))

Vitamin E Acetate (DSM) Tocopheryl acetate) 1.00

Phase C

Phenoxyethanol 0.60

Citric acid (20% sol) q.s.

Natural Lavender/Lernongrass Fragrance F-132542 0.20

PROCEDURE: With propeller mixing, combine de-ionized water and Lubrajel Natural. When uniform, heat to 75-80[degrees]C with mixing. Combine phase B ingredients in a separate vessel. Heat to 75-80[degrees]C. Stir until uniform. When both phase A and B are at 75-80[degrees]C, add B to A with rapid propeller mixing. Cool with mixing. When batch is below 40[degrees]C, add remaining ingredients, one at a time. Adjust the pH using citric acid sin. as necessary. Mix well. PROPRETIES: Expected pH--5.3; Viscosity--RVT, spindle # 5 @ 10 rpm, 1 min= 10,500 cps; Appearance--Creamy, white lotion.
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Date:Mar 1, 2013
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