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Porter Foods Co Ltd was established in 1986 and has been supplying ingredients to major British food companies ever since. The company consists of Ian Porter as managing director, Michael Patton as chairman and financial director and has three ladies, Colleen, Yetta and Sue at the sharp end of sales, administration and accounts.

Garlic puree was the first volume seller and today is still their leading puree product. Made from Californian garlic, because of its consistently good quality, the garlic is crushed within hours of harvesting and contains just 1 to 2% of citric acid as a stabiliser and has no added salt. It is the closest to freshly crushed garlic, with the added safety factor of pasteurization. So called fresh cloves may already be months old, having been stored and then imported. This garlic puree is only one of a range of garlic products made from fresh or dehydrated material. Specifications can be matched to any manufacturer's requirements, including combinations such as Garlic and Rosemary, which is excellent with lamb or poultry dishes.

Extending the theme of quality and freshness, Porter Foods was one of the leaders who spotted the niche early and introduced an unsweetened Ginger puree suitable for savoury recipes where ginger is required. Made from fresh young Australian ginger, this avoids the tough fibrous nature of mature roots that are generally available. An authentic consistent ginger flavour comes through time after time. Sliced ginger is another alternative where texture is required within the recipe.

The latest additions to the Porter Foods range are fresh Coriander puree and fresh Basil puree. The UK grown herb leaves are comminuted and blended into a base of vegetable oil. These products, like the garlics, are shelf-stable in ambient storage for up to a year, making it easier for the manufacturer to plan his stockholding without the necessity for weekly deliveries, which fresh materials demand, nor the utilisation of precious storage space necessary for frozen product.

Repacking from bulk into retail, catering and manufacturing sizes from 18 tonne loads of garlic puree and French Dijon mustards and the processing of ginger and peppercorns is carried out by contract packers at Cranleigh, whilst Private Label garlic purees are produced at another unit in Corwen. Both of these plants have the approval of both the multiples and manufacturers and, to back up the quality of its products, Porter Foods uses the services of an independent laboratory near Cambridge for quality control of finished product as well as raw material testing. Porter Foods leads in the introduction of innovative products and is also leading the field of smaller companies going for BS 5750 accreditation. By the time this article is published our fate will be known.

Ian Porter believes that with the growing trend away from dehydrates and towards the use of 'fresh' ingredients, both by the consumer and by the manufacturer, their growing range of purees made from fresh vegetables and herbs will fill the gap between chilled products, with their short shelf-life, and frozen ingredients.

The boom in ready-meals and marinated meats is the market where Porter Foods has been most successful with these ingredients.

And for the next success Porter Foods plans to enter the Pasta market!
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Date:Mar 1, 1993
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