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Natural beauties.

Nicole Leffler of Gulf Gate's new Wild Ginger Apothecary picks her favorite health and beauty products.

SKINNY COCONUT OIL: the only 100 percent raw coconut oil on the market. "This is the purest coconut oil I've come across," says Leffler. "It's wonderful for cooking, or used on the body, and it's great for brain function, immune system, heart health, blood sugar and metabolism."

OREGON K0MBUCHA STARTER KITS: Kombucha comes from fermenting tea and sugar with the Kombucha culture, resulting in something similar to sparkling apple cider. It originated in second-century BCE China and was known as "the Tea of Immortality." Kombucha beverages are commonly available at health-food stores, but "This is the chance to make your own batch at home for a fraction of the cost," says Leffler. "Plus it's a fun project."

SCHMIDT'S DEODORANT: A gel-like solution applied with the fingers, Schmidt's eliminates underarm odor and wetness without harmful chemicals. (Featured on the Today show.)

VALENTINA'S HOME-BREWED PURE BODY CARE: The average perfume has more than 250 different chemicals in it, but Valentina's products use nontoxic essential oil blends that help improve mood, stress and overall mental outlook. The theory is that scents can guide behavior, including breaking out of bad habits. "Plus they smell amazing!" adds Leffler.

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Title Annotation:HEALTH REPORT
Publication:Sarasota Magazine
Date:Mar 1, 2015
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