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Native Trees for North American Landscapes.

Native Trees for North American Landscapes by Guy Sternberg with Jim Wilson.

$59.95. Timber Press, Inc., 2004.

For anyone landscaping tree plantings of native American trees or simply curious about the native species on their land, this is the book. Written and illustrated by a professional landscape architect and arborist, who is a veteran horticulturist, this is the best available reference book on native trees for North American landscapes.

This is not just another tree guide or dendrology text for identifying trees and describing their characteristics. While it does include such information, it is intended to help readers both choose trees appropriate for their land and interests and preserve and enhance the trees already there. Brief introductory chapters discuss the relative merits of native versus non-native plants, ways of "reading your landscape" to make wise selections, how to establish new plantings or maintain existing ones, and suggestions for protecting trees on a site under construction and into the future.


The 470-page main section of "Menu of Native Trees," profiles about 100 primary species with more than 600 superb color photographs and line drawings. Each species offers characteristics (size, longevity, leaves, flowers, and fruits), special seasonal appearances, range, culture and problems, cultivars, and similar species. In all, more than 650 species and 500 cultivars are discussed.

The appendix includes a Tree Selection Guide, Plant Hardiness Zone Map, a directory of government and private organizations and web sites, and a glossary and bibliography. This hefty and attractive book will be a ready reference for selecting and managing your landscape trees, and for casual reading to enhance your knowledge and appreciation of our native tree species.
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Author:Reidel, Carl
Publication:American Forests
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Date:Jun 22, 2004
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