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Candidates break barriers in several US races. Nov 5, 2020 343
Embodied Liminality and Gendered State Violence: Artivist Expressions in the MMIW Movement. Presley, Rachel Critical essay Oct 1, 2020 7555
FILM. Medved, Maureen Sep 22, 2020 1036
The experiences of Native American girls attending Sherman Indian High School. Rogers, Jessa; Sisquoc, Lori Report Mar 22, 2020 8469
Women in World History: 1450 to the Present. Book review Dec 1, 2019 129
Trump says near deal with China, but U.S. also has eye on Hong Kong. Nov 26, 2019 185
RAPING INDIAN COUNTRY. Deer, Sarah; Warner, Elizabeth Ann Kronk Sep 22, 2019 26591
Learning From Those on the Ice: The Impact of Bill C-75 on Nunavummiut. Richards, Cassandra Sep 22, 2019 14430
Lawmakers Respond to Native Deaths, Disappearances. Brief article May 1, 2019 264
An Unusual Northern Plains Woman's Breast Plate. Johnston, Jim Feb 1, 2019 843
Dakota Women of Ft. Totten: Spirit Lake, North Dakota. Chronister, Allen Feb 1, 2019 616
Women's Prairie Style. Jones, Craig Feb 1, 2019 870
THE RAINBOW WAVE: Kick off 2019 with over 150 new LGBTQ folks in office. List Feb 1, 2019 1190
FIRST NATIVE AMERICAN WOMEN ELECTED. Brief article Jan 1, 2019 124
Cigna Foundation to provide $100,000 grant to St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation. Nov 30, 2018 195
Hail thump for chump Trump. Nov 11, 2018 110
On the Politics and Policy of Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. Nov 7, 2018 430
Record number of native American women running in US midterms. Oct 14, 2018 856
Could Deb Haaland be the first native American woman in Congress? Oct 14, 2018 715
TIES OF BLOOOD: Our deep and abiding connection with Mother Earth is what compels us to fight to protect it. White, Kandi Sep 22, 2018 1369
#NotYourPrincess: Voices of Native American Women. Toke, Arun N. Book review Sep 22, 2018 285
Why are Native American women vanishing? Vanish: 'For every Ashley, there are 200 more'. Sep 9, 2018 2196
Report: Nearly All Native American Women Raped. Aug 29, 2018 303
Native Women Wising: Why three premieres in Oregon are a sign of the times--and a long time coming. Sayet, Madeline Apr 1, 2018 2772
Charleyboy, Lisa, and Mary Beth Leatherdale. #NotYourPrincess: Voices of Native American Women. Geers, Dianna Book review Feb 1, 2018 218
"There Was a Veil upon You, Pocahontas": The Pocahontas Story as a Myth of American Heterogeneity in the Liberal Western. Savage, Jordan Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 6142
Who tells indigenous stories? Smiley, Cherry Jun 22, 2017 720
Special domestic violence criminal jurisdiction for Indian tribes: inherent tribal sovereignty versus defendants' complete constitutional rights. Zhang, Margaret H. Dec 1, 2015 14286
Gender, decision making, and natural resource co-management in Yukon. Staples, Kiri; Natcher, David C. Report Sep 1, 2015 9405
Gender and violence: drawing on indigenous legal resources. Snyder, Emily; Napoleon, Val; Borrows, John Jul 1, 2015 6627
Gender and violence: drawing on indigenous legal resources. Snyder, Emily; Napoleon, Val; Borrows, John Jul 1, 2015 14578
Ghost Dance: The Poetics of Loss. Kwasny, Melissa Critical essay Mar 1, 2015 10947
Powerful and Resonant: Native and First Nations Women's Filmic Presence. Marubbio, M. Elise Mar 1, 2015 579
Person(s) of interest and missing women: legal abandonment in the Downtown Eastside. Craig, Elaine Sep 1, 2014 19667
Basket hats from the past. Thompson, Scott M. Jul 1, 2014 564
Ladies' basket hats. Jones, Craig Jul 1, 2014 1029
Walking with Our Sisters. Mackintosh, Karen Brief article May 1, 2014 101
Closing the gap of justice: providing protection for Native American women through the special domestic violence criminal jurisdiction provision of VAWA. Singh, Shefali Mar 22, 2014 11979
Frostering futures: Shideezhi program emerging as a college pipeline for American Indian girls. Miranda, Maria Eugenia Nov 21, 2013 1440
Belcourt project paying tribute to 600 souls. Nahwegahbow, Barb Aug 1, 2013 830
Marie Louise Bottineau Baldwin: indigenizing the federal Indian service. Cahill, Cathleen D. Biography Jun 22, 2013 7374
Aboriginal women fight for missing women. Golosky, Lauren Mar 22, 2013 839
Women of the Southwest. Dobson, Patricia; Walker, Bill Feb 1, 2013 443
"In family way": guarding indigenous women's children in Washington territory. Jagodinsky, Katrina Essay Jan 1, 2013 6884
Ladies' traditional. Jones, Craig Dec 1, 2012 932
Tekakwitha. Brief article Feb 1, 2012 322
Influential Women. Laskaris, Sam Brief article Feb 1, 2012 270
Aboriginal women recognized by U of A. Narine, Shari Brief article Oct 1, 2011 134
On behalf of the children. Editorial Oct 1, 2011 664
Inquiry's secret applications. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 252
Frustration and concern greets missing women's inquiry. Narine, Shari Oct 1, 2011 906
Maggie Black Kettle: blackfoot elder overcame fear to pass on traditional ways. Meili, Dianne Oct 1, 2011 999
The Bird Lady. Edwards, Melodie Short story Jun 22, 2011 1850
Native American Women and Religion in the American colonies: textual and visual traces of an imagined community. Diaz, Monica Critical essay Jun 1, 2011 10104
Missing persons act does little to help Aboriginal women. Narine, Shari Apr 1, 2011 492
Sasipenita opens new exhibit at Wanuskewin. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 151
Out in the open: elected female leadership in Canada's first nations community. Voyageur, Cora Report Feb 1, 2011 8558
Sisters in spirit. Mitchell, Penni Jan 1, 2011 731
McIvor takes fight to un. Jan 1, 2011 340
"Saying the padre had grabbed her": rape is the weapon, story is the cure. Miranda, Deborah A. Critical essay Sep 22, 2010 9801
"A balance of authority": Ponca women's cultural autonomy through the appropriation of the ethnographic interview. Gilley, Brian Joseph Report Sep 22, 2010 4698
Bertha Allen fought for equality and empowerment. Meili, Dianne Obituary Jul 1, 2010 745
Leader challenged convention to get things done. Meili, Dianne Obituary Jun 1, 2010 905
Food insecurity among inuit women exacerbated by socio-economic stresses and climate change. Beaumier, Maude C.; Ford, James D. Case study May 1, 2010 4674
Metis. Diaz, Natalie Poem Mar 22, 2010 401
If Eve Side-Stealer & Mary Busted-Chest Ruled the World. Diaz, Natalie Poem Mar 22, 2010 196
Valentine's Day marks memorial march for women. Narine, Shari Brief article Mar 1, 2010 149
Program at UofA introduces sciences to women, Aboriginals. Solway, Susan Mar 1, 2010 479
Federal government funds program for Aboriginal women. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 104
Investigation has taken too long, provided too few results. Thompson, Isha Jan 1, 2010 814
American Indian women in higher education: navigating the doctorate. Fox, Mary Jo Tippeconnic Essay Dec 1, 2009 2596
Native American women and HIV/AIDS: building healthier communities. Vernon, Irene S.; Thurman, Pamela Jumper Report Jun 22, 2009 7862
Genes associated with endothelial function and risk of pre-eclampsia in an American Indian population. Best, Lyle G.; Nadeau, Melanie; Bercier, Shellee; Dauphinais, Sara; Davis, Jacob; Davis, Kylie; Poit Abstract Apr 1, 2009 506
Characteristics of two measures of endothelial function among American Indian participants in a case-control study of pre-eclampsia. Best, Lyle G.; Bercier, Shellee; Davis, Jacob; Davis, Kylie; Poitra, Shyleen; Anderson, Cindy M. Abstract Apr 1, 2009 515
Women's traditional northern style. Evans, C. Scott Brief article Sep 1, 2008 254
Scholarship recipient pursuing her dreams. Bird, Diana Brief article Jan 1, 2008 324
William R. Godkin: Lakota women. Chronister, Allen Jan 1, 2008 486
19th Century Comanche women's leggings: this pair of fine Comanche women's leggings is typical of some of the best Comanche work of the last decade of the 19th century. Kostelnik, Michael; Kostelnik, Barbara Jan 1, 2008 865
Maternal gambling, parenting, and child behavioral functioning in native American families. Momper, Sandra L.; Jackson, Aurora P. Report Dec 1, 2007 6740
"Decolonising the Body: Restoring Sacred Vitality.". Young, Alannah Earl; Nadeau, Denise Brief article Sep 22, 2007 80
"Traditional Ecological Knowledge: An Anishnabe Woman's Perspective.". McGregor, Deborah Brief article Sep 22, 2007 95
"L'experience de l'enfermement carceral des femmes autochtones au Quebec.". Brassard, Renee Brief article Sep 22, 2007 92
"Native Women's Association of Canada v. Canada.". Eberts, Mary; McIvor, Sharon; Nahanee, Teressa Brief article Sep 22, 2007 115
"Indian Women and the Division of Matrimonial Real Property on Canadian Indian Reserves.". Alcantara, Christopher Brief article Sep 22, 2007 130
Aboriginal women too often the victims of racialized, sexualized violence: Sisters in Spirit initiative addresses alarmingly high numbers of missing, murdered Aboriginal women in Canada. Mar 22, 2007 738
Memorials for women across Canada. Bold, Christine; Castaldi, Sly; Knowles, Ric; McConnell, Jodie; Schincariol, Lisa Mar 22, 2007 1626
Working on the domestic frontier: American Indian domestic servants in white women's households in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1920-1940. Jacobs, Margaret D. Jan 1, 2007 15584
"With our own wings we fly": native American women clubs, 1899-1955. Tetzloff, Lisa M. Report Jan 1, 2007 6266
A matter of survival: a national movement is afoot to revitalize the hundreds of native languages that once flourished across North America and the Hawaiian islands. Eichstaedt, Peter Nov 2, 2006 1528
Reading margins: colonial encounters in Sapmi and Lenapehoking in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Fur, Gunlog Sep 22, 2006 12073
Red woman, white dreams: searching for Sacagawea. Donaldson, Laura E. Sep 22, 2006 3784
The American Revolution in red and black. Nash, Gary B. Jun 22, 2006 2252
Sacagawea's Nickname (1), or the Sacagawea Problem. Denzin, Norman K. Critical essay Jun 1, 2006 8094
At the top of the tribe: as tribal leaders, American Indian women are breaking with tradition even as they work to preserve it. Davey, Monica May 8, 2006 737
Honoring their way: counseling American Indian women. Rayle, Andrea Dixon; Chee, Christine; Sand, Jennifer K. Apr 1, 2006 6385
Leaving the bitterness and pain behind. Ascher, Avery Mar 1, 2006 1005
Humble Olympian prefers the quiet life. Kelland, Jenn Mar 1, 2006 1089
Sierra Noble. Interview Feb 1, 2006 1341
Politicizing aesthetics: the politics of violence and sexuality in colonial and revolutionary representations of America as an Indian woman. Detsi-Diamanti, Zoe Essay Jan 1, 2006 6574
Respect underlies all water teachings. Ascher, Avery Dec 1, 2005 816
Where are Canada's disappeared women? Officials have been slow to investigate, or have ignored that 500 women have gone missing in the last 20 years. Carter, Lauren Sep 22, 2005 1745
Missing women: no body, no investigation. Barnsley, Paul Sep 1, 2005 1730
Tamara Bell. Interview Jul 1, 2005 856
Addressing the threshold of elder-hood. Nungak, Zebedee Jul 1, 2005 800
Federal Indian law and violent crime: Native women and children at the mercy of the State. Deer, Sarah Dec 22, 2004 5827
The lost generation: American Indian women and sterilization abuse. Carpio, Myla Vicenti Dec 22, 2004 6248
Ex-prisoner Pomo woman speaks out. Ogden, Stormy Dec 22, 2004 2802
Violence against Native women. Bubar, Roe; Thurman, Pamela Jumper Dec 22, 2004 7565
Healing, violence, and Native American women. Ramirez, Renya Dec 22, 2004 6256
Elder pulls out of feds' ADR process. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 203
Debut recording scores high at music awards. Taillon, Joan Nov 1, 2004 599
Environmental career brings many challenges. Taillon, Joan Nov 1, 2004 664
Changes in childbirth knowledge. Begay, R. Cruz Jun 22, 2004 4754
4th annual national aboriginal women in leadership training conference: first nations training & consulting services presents ... Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 170
Donna Land Maldonado: diversity over the airwaves. (People). King, Heather L. Jul 1, 2003 655
Keeping the campfires going: urban American Indian women's community work and activist. Krouse, Susan Applegate; Howard-Bobiwash, Heather Jun 22, 2003 377
Urban Clan Mothers: key households in cities. Lobo, Susan Jun 22, 2003 6953
"Assisting our own": urban migration, self-governance, and Native women's organizing in Thunder Bay, Ontario, 1972-1989. Janovicek, Nancy Jun 22, 2003 6492
Women's class strategies as activism in Native community building in Toronto, 1950-1975. Howard-Bobiwash, Heather Jun 22, 2003 6547
Binge drinking and SIDS. (Clinical Capsules). Brief Article Mar 15, 2003 152
Grandmothers on the move. (Careers). Fox, Cory Mar 1, 2003 804
Mother worries for daughter's safety. (People). Miller, Heather Andrews Mar 1, 2003 640
Native women's group questions IHS enforcement of Hyde Amendment. Jan 1, 2003 464
The woman's lodge: constructing gender on the nineteenth-century Pacific Northwest Plateau. Wright, Mary C. Jan 1, 2003 7544
What's wrong with a little fantasy? Storytelling from the (still) ivory tower. Miranda, Deborah A. Jan 1, 2003 6663
Ohio is not without its share of problems. Whitewolf-Marsh, Vicki Jan 1, 2003 1671
Disinterested authorities big part of problem: Aboriginal women at risk. (Feature Report). Barnsley, Paul Dec 1, 2002 2893
Strong work ethic earns respect. (Education). Koller, Brenda Dec 1, 2002 489
Piikani woman inspired by need to share, teach. (Education). Narine, Shari Dec 1, 2002 677
Aboriginal women's perspective on self-government. Fontaine, Nahanni Nov 1, 2002 887
Keeping safe: native women mobilize their own coalition against domestic violence. (Action). Smith, Andrea Jun 22, 2002 1091
Miss Indian World is a Canadian. (Guide to Indian Country 2002: All My Relations). Hunter, Troy Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 380
Julia Sanchez's story: an indigenous woman between nations. Ramirez, Renya Jun 1, 2002 8630
Corazon de Mi Madre (art). Bear, Lisana Red Jun 1, 2002 394
A HEALING PROCESS. Lebeau, Michelle Jun 1, 2002 2992
Reflecting on Pocahontas (1). Tremblay, Gail Biography Jun 1, 2002 1527
Dildos, hummingbirds, and driving her crazy: searching for American Indian Women's Love Poetry and Erotics. Miranda, Deborah A. Jun 1, 2002 6598
A comparative study of native American and Hispanic women in grassroots and electrol politics. Prindeville, Diane-Michele Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 9115
Teen a role model to other youth. (Careers & Training). Petten, Cheryl Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 1117
Indian Authorities Trivialize Rape, says Amnesty International. Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 556
Settler women and frontier women: the unsettling past of western women's history. Hurtado, Albert L. Sep 1, 2001 2071
Revision and Resistance: The Politics of Native Women's Motherwork. Udel, Lisa J. Jun 1, 2001 8420
Sex Role Attributions of American-Indian Women. Portman, Tarrell Awe Agahe Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2001 5216
CD garners best country album award for (Priscilla) Morin. Petten, Cheryl Jan 1, 2001 571
Big talent, bright future (14-year-old Desarae Eashappie wins Model Search contest). Bellegarde, A.J. Jan 1, 2001 506
Introduction. Jensen, Joan M.; Effland, Anne B. W. Bibliography Jan 1, 2001 6433
Lawyer sets up new shop (First Nations lawyer Leanne M. Bellegarde Daniels). Nov 1, 2000 339
Traditional woman takes non-traditional path (Samantha Kinoshameg graduates from behavioural neuroscience program). McEwen, Angela Nov 1, 2000 738
Business women's success highlighted (Leslie Loukianow). Petten, Cheryl Oct 1, 2000 326
Send in the stuntman - er, woman (Joyce McNeal). Bissley, Jackie Sep 1, 2000 1402
Book challenges women's roles (A recognition of being: reconstructing Native womanhood, by Kim Anderson). Taillon, Joan Jul 1, 2000 733
Aboriginal women draw attention to HIV plight. Taillon, Joan Jul 1, 2000 863
Powerful history of native women. Anderson, Kim Jun 22, 2000 2529
The Indian Health Service and the Sterilization of Native American Women. LAWRENCE, JANE Jun 22, 2000 9009
A Tapestry of History and Reimagination: Women's Place in James Welch's Fools Crow. COOK, BARBARA Critical Essay Jun 22, 2000 5174
Speaking of Ella Deloria. GARDNER, SUSAN Interview Jun 22, 2000 13365
A Conversation With Mary Brave Bird. WISE, CHRISTOPHER; WISE, R. TODD Interview Jun 22, 2000 6161
Native women's issues to be studied. Barnsley, Paul Jun 1, 2000 506
Samson First Nation teen wins pageant (Raven Buffalo is Miss Teen Alberta). Taillon, Joan Jun 1, 2000 495
Law student crowned Miss Indian World (Lillian Sparks). Meili, Dianne Jun 1, 2000 826
Out-going Miss Indian World reflects on exciting year. Meili, Diane Jun 1, 2000 618
Women's sweat (Native woman recalls preparation for sweat lodge). Thomas, Mary Jun 1, 2000 966
Young women write about body image. Gladue, Yvonne Irene Mar 1, 2000 958
Actor gives back willingly (artistic director of the Indigenous Theatre School in Toronto). Sexsmith, Pamela Mar 1, 2000 1306
It takes a community to change the world. Gibson, Dane Mar 1, 2000 319
Home away from home: (Brenda) Many Fingers. Narine, Shari Feb 1, 2000 767
Black eyes all of the time: intimate violence, Aboriginal women, and the justice system. Book Review Feb 1, 2000 1033
My home as I remember. Book Review Feb 1, 2000 470
Burdens of history: British feminists, Indian women, and imperial culture, 1865-1914. Book Review Jan 1, 2000 1472
Women chiefs focus of academic study (by Cora J. Voyageur). Black, Joan Dec 1, 1999 807
Exhibit explores frontier stereotypes. Gladue, Yvonne Irene Nov 1, 1999 1013
Paper tiger for aboriginal women's rights. Hutchinson, Janet L. Oct 1, 1999 1450
Broadcaster has found her home. Green, Pamela Sexsmith Sep 1, 1999 1094
Scalpel and the Silver Bear: the first Navajo woman surgeon combines western medicine and traditional healing. Book Review Sep 1, 1999 521
Going strong after 25 years (Native Council of Nova Scotia). Lawrence, Ray Aug 1, 1999 782
Native women pan Bill C-31. Barnsley, Paul Jun 1, 1999 1242
New gender initiative seeks to rectify past harm. Burke, Marie Jun 1, 1999 752
Dietary characteristics of Eastern James Bay Cree women. Delormier, Treena; Kuhnlein, Harriet V. Jun 1, 1999 4912
Tribute to grandmothers. Tooth, Lorna Born With A. May 1, 1999 1140
President works for her people. Gladue, Yvonne Irene May 1, 1999 580
Healing centre helps change abuse patterns. May 1, 1999 609
Aboriginal women and Bill C-31: research in action. Huntley, Audrey Apr 1, 1999 862
Women's shelter battles funding crunch. Gladue, Yvonne Irene Feb 1, 1999 525
Weavings: Native Women's Music, Poetry, and Performance as Resistance. GOULD, ELIZABETH S.; MATTHEWS, CAROL L. Jan 1, 1999 4983
Women's voices growing in strength (Native singer Sadie Buck inspiration to Aboriginal women). Adams, Carol Dec 1, 1998 1046
Women of the First Nations. Book Review Sep 22, 1998 550
Eyes on the prizewinner. Randall, Margaret Sep 1, 1998 1925
Order of Ontario medal for first female band councillor. Phelan, Bryan Jul 1, 1998 522
Community and treatment program challenges for chemically dependent American Indian and Alaska native women. Berkowitz, Gale; Peterson, Sara; Smith, Eva Marie; Taylor, Timothy; Brindis, Claire Jun 22, 1998 7144
Metis woman new chief (Josie Weninger, chief superintendant of Waterton Lakes National Park). Grinder, Barb May 1, 1998 744
Positive attitude will help competitor (Penny Jacko competes in Miss Indian World 1998 in New Mexico). Toulouse, Colleen May 1, 1998 646
Bridges in spirituality: First Nations Christian women tell their story. Book Review Feb 1, 1998 461
Native women sue for equality (trying to stop federal gov't. from finalizing land management deals). Barnsley, Paul Jan 1, 1998 717
Cancer survivor educates women. Williams, Kenneth Jan 1, 1998 704
Nisga'a first woman president of CANDO (Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers). Williams, Kenneth Nov 1, 1997 657
Program reaches out to Aboriginal women. Williams, Kenneth Oct 1, 1997 287
Grandmothers pull double duty. Beveridge, Michelle Oct 1, 1997 1444
Naaneebweque: project cancelled to protect grave of `Indian princess'. Avery, Roberta Oct 1, 1997 949
Women of the First Nations: power, wisdom and strength. Book Review Sep 22, 1997 1484
Aboriginal women are at greater risk (of AIDS). Dumont, Linda Sep 1, 1997 279
North rejects gender parity proposal. Bourgeois, Annette Jul 1, 1997 888
"Tell Me a Woman's Story": The Question of Gender in the Construction of Waheenee, Pretty-shield, and Papago Woman. Colasurdo, Christine Jun 22, 1997 11484
The Lynx in Time: Haudenosaunee Women's Traditions and History. Mann, Barbara A. Jun 22, 1997 13125
Eagle Award dinner set. Weldman, Eva Mar 1, 1997 232
Who killed Helen (Betty Osborne)? Smith, Michael Jan 1, 1997 1045
Mining extracts toll on Innu women of Labrador. Camille Fouillard Dec 1, 1996 717
Three faces of Molly Brant. Book Review Sep 22, 1996 395
Woman of vision. R. John Hayes Sep 1, 1996 442
White man's ways won't do: Native women critical of closed-door process for self-government. Patricia Robertson Jun 22, 1996 345
Iskwewak kah' ki yaw ni wahkomakanak: neither Indian princesses nor easy squaws. Book Review Jun 22, 1996 155
First C-31 woman honored for rights commitment (1996 National Aboriginal Achievement Awards). May 1, 1996 431
Building homes - shattering stereotypes. Norlyn Purych May 1, 1996 928
From hammocks to health. Simpkins, Mary Ann May 1, 1996 2041
Thunder in my soul: a Mohawk woman speaks. Book Review Mar 22, 1996 1222
Messengers of the wind: Native American women tell their life stories. Book Review Jan 1, 1996 488
Commonality of difference: American Indian women and history. Mihesuah, Devon A. Jan 1, 1996 6418
Winona LaDuke. Perkinson, Robert Interview Oct 1, 1995 4150
Relocations upon relocations: home, language, and Native American women's writings. Hernandez-Avila, Ines Sep 22, 1995 6692
We planted, tended and harvested our corn: gender, ethnicity, and transculturation in 'A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison.' Oakes, Karen Mar 22, 1995 7053
Smokeless tobacco use among American Indian women - Southeastern North Carolina, 1991. Feb 17, 1995 1549
Tonita Pena (Quah Ah), Pueblo painter: asserting identity through continuity and change. Jantzer-White, Marilee Jun 22, 1994 5213
Claiming legitimacy: prophecy narratives from northern aboriginal women. Cruikshank, Julie Mar 22, 1994 9769
What would Pocahontas think now? Women and cultural persistence. Kidwell, Clara Sue Jan 1, 1994 6152
Native women gain concessions in Ontario legislation. Sep 22, 1992 326
Tribal courts' failure to protect Native American women: a reevaluation of the Indian Civil Rights Act. Christofferson, Carla Oct 1, 1991 8749
Pocahontas (1595?-1617). Reference Source Jan 1, 1991 168
Communication and the Power of Native American Women. Torson, Dianna Report Jan 1, 1990 270

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