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Native American minted coins.

Panda America Corp., based in Torrance, California, is the leading commemorative coin company in the United States. They are currently working with Native American tribes on a series of officially minted coins depicting specific tribes.


The coin series began in 2002 with two tribes that they currently work with, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians and the Shawnee tribe. The coins attracted considerable amount of attention not just in the coin industry, where collectors are consistently searching for American history items, but also among casual collectors looking to learn more about America's history and Native Americans in general.


Having a coin made of a specific tribe helps in many ways, but most importantly it's a way to gain positive exposure and create further understanding of each tribe and its specific history. Peter Yeung, President of Panda America, says that for many tribes, it is a source of pride to see their tribe featured prominently on a 1-ounce gold or silver coin. In addition, the coins come handsomely packaged with a certificate of authenticity from the tribe.

Helping gain understanding and positive exposure is wonderful, but it is also great when the tribes can gain financially as well. Every tribe that has a coin issued receives a royalty from each coin that is sold, and with mintages as high as 100,000, the financial benefits for the tribe can be a nice additional source of income.

Panda America has worked closely with each tribe and each tribe has approved every aspect of the process. Some tribes choose to feature their logo or crest, while others feature specific individuals, former chiefs or leaders or pivotal events in the tribe's history.

These coins are not U.S. currency.

For more information on this project contact William Graessle, Marketing Manger, at 310-373-9647.
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