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Native American Energy Group Inc. Says Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe Supports Plans for New Housing on South Dakota Reservation.

ENERGY RESOURCE-28 March 2007-Native American Energy Group Inc. Says Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe Supports Plans for New Housing on South Dakota Reservation(C)2007 JeraOne -

Native American Energy Group Inc., an independent energy company, has received a letter of support from the Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe in response to its plan to construct safe, decent, affordable, energy-efficient homes on their reservation in South Dakota.

NAEG board members Joseph D'Arrigo, Raj Nanvaan and Richard Ross met with executive members of the Lakota Tribal Council and Housing Board Friday in Pine Ridge to present solutions to the tribe's severe housing shortage problem. In addition, the tribe is supporting plans for wind and solar energy development, NAEG said.

NAEG said it has bridge groups "standing by" to fund such projects as housing construction on the reservations, once NAEG and the Lakota Nation can confirm and secure financial guarantees through Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and other U.S. government grant programs.

Plans call for setting up a manufacturing facility. Using the technology transfer from homebuilder Eurowest Panel Homes Ltd., NAEG's joint partner, the facility could manufacture the full framework for 10 to 15 homes per day. Actual assembly time depends on the labor.

Citing a "staggering" 85% unemployment rate, NAEG said the task of building the homes "will be accomplished with great success."

There is an immediate need for 4,000 homes on the reservation, which has a population of approximately 45,000. According to NAEG's 50/50 profit-share Partner, Eurowest, the cost to construct a 1,000 sq. ft. home is roughly $60,000. Projections place the price tag per home at approximately $100,000.

"We saw the dilapidated mobile homes, and the trailers, and even cars that many homeless families were using for shelter. These people seriously need to be relocated into decent housing," said NAEG CEO Joseph D'Arrigo of his visit to the reservation. "There were many homes missing entire windows in this very cold climate where temperatures often are sub-zero. It is hard to believe people are living in such conditions in this country. They need someone to help bring some enrichment and some dignity into their lives, rather than just surviving."

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Publication:Energy Resource
Date:Mar 28, 2007
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