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Native American AL opens in Oregon.

High Lookee Lodge is the new 36-room assisted living center on the Warm Springs (Ore.) Indian Reservation designed by and for elders in the 3,500-member tribe.

"Our elders are very independent," says Olney Patt Jr., chairman of the confederated Warm Springs, Wasco, and Paiute tribes.

Nursing homes on the nation's reservations are uncommon. The number of Indians and Alaska natives age 60 and over is estimated at about 166,000. Moreover, the U.S. Census Bureau claims the 1990 total is a 52 percent gain from 1980.

With its blend of apartments and convalescent and hospice rooms, the Warm Springs center is designed to meet the needs of Indian elders. The tribe anticipates the $4.1 million facility will provide a safe and culturally comfortable place.

Only eight elders have signed up so far. But Patt says he expects the facility to fill by year's end as elders learn it is designed to accommodate traditional ways of life.
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Publication:Contemporary Long Term Care
Date:Oct 1, 2000
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