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National standards commission continues to gather input.

Delegates and interested camp directors provided input and feedback to the National Standards Commission (NSC) on the proposed tiered system of standards during an Open Hearing at ACA's National Conference in Denver. Interested members are encouraged to provide additional feedback at ACA regional conferences and by responding to the proposal on ACA's Web site at

The NSC will meet again in September 2003 to continue development of the proposed system.


President, Maria Coleman 516-223-2267,

Past President, Rodger M. Popkin 954-963-4494,

Vice President, Sharon Kosch 510 562 8470,

Treasurer, Timothy Millbern 781 834 2700,

Peter Surgenor, 845-878-6383,

Executive Director, Peg L. Smith (nonvoting member) 765-342-8456, ext. 310,

Board Members-At-Large

Howard Batterman, 610-275-2267, batth21

Marcy Brower, 312-654-0806,

Bertram J. Chatham, 209-946-2424,

Pamela (Pam) Cobb, 617-647-4676,

Mary Helen Franko, 847-377-2907,

Cathy Palmer, 920-894-7542,

Nancy L. Pennell, 802-875 3410,

Karen Pittman, 202 207-3325,

Peter Surgenor, 845 878 6383,

Presidential Appointments

Michael Brandwein, 847-940 9820,

Dawn Ewing, 914-592-3055,

Ann Sheets, 817-831 2111,

American Camping Foundation Representative

Donald S. Cheley, 303-377-3616,

Association of Independent Camps Representative

Anthony (Tony) T. Mayfield, 800-221-2020, mayfiea@culver.or9


American Camping Association 5000 State Road 67 North, Martinsville, IN 46151-7902 800-428-2267

* 765-342-8456 fax 765-342-2065


It you have questions in an area not listed here or would like to speak with other national staff members, a representative can direct your call.

ACA National Conference/Exhibits Pat Smilley Lachmann, ext. 300

Advertising Steve Holloway, ext. 306

Awards/Elections Mary Ennis, ext. 313

Book Publishing Melody Snider, ext. 314

Bookstore 800-428-2267

Camping Magazine (editorial & reprints) Harriet Gamble, ext. 303

Business Partnerships Steve Holloway, ext. 306

Executive Director Peg Smith, ext. 310

Field Service Roxanne Seger, ext. 330

Fundraising (CAMPaign '07) Kim Bruno, ext. 339

Internet/ACA's Web Site Tom Schenk, ext. 337

Legislation Peg Smith, ext. 310

Membership Information Carol Hoover, ext. 329

Professional Development Connie Coutellier, ext. 307

Public Awareness Kim Bruno, ext. 339

Standards/Accreditation Pat Hammond, ext. 316

The CampLine Marge Scanlin, ext. 312
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Date:May 1, 2003
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