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Modi's Nazism bound to face defeat: AJK president. Aug 6, 2021 687
Modi's Nazism bound to face defeat: AJK President. Aug 6, 2021 698
Defying Memory? Tracing the Power of Hegemonic Memory in Everyday Discourse Using the Example of National Socialism in Germany. Fiedler, Anke Jul 1, 2021 8897
Azerbaijani ombudsman appeals to international organizations. May 9, 2021 362
Azerbaijan, 10 OSCE member states call for Nazi glorification ban. May 8, 2021 461
Cult of personality of Garegin Nzhdeh in Armenia can be compared with that of Hitler in Nazi Germany Russian analyst. May 8, 2021 371
Voice against Nazism. Apr 8, 2021 245
A voice that warned against Nazism. Apr 8, 2021 229
Is ESPRIT DE CORPS on TRIAL for BEING on TARGET AGAINST NAZISM? Sanders, Richard Apr 1, 2021 1698
The Play's das Thing: On the Incommensurability of Arendtian Political Action and the Kantian Sublime. Wittingslow, Ryan Mitchell Mar 20, 2021 5298
"I just want to be the friendly face of national socialism": The turn to civility in the cultural expressions of neo-Nazism in Sweden. Askanius, Tina Mar 15, 2021 8855
Weekly wrap-up: Stray Kids Han's racist lyrics; GFRIEND Sowon's Nazi mannequin pics. Feb 7, 2021 618
Azerbaijan's Los Angeles Consulate produces short film on Armenia's Nazi glorification. Feb 3, 2021 321
Australian civil rights group asks GFRIEND's Sowon to apologize for Nazi mannequin photos. Feb 3, 2021 604
The story of how one little boy managed to escape the clutches of Nazism; Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day. RACHAEL NICHOL spoke to a survivor's son, who has shared his father's story of escaping Hitler's Germany via the Kindertransport operation. RACHAEL NICHOL Jan 28, 2021 989
Councillor sorry after comparing jab roll-out to Nazism. SONIA SHARMA Reporter Jan 4, 2021 664
Lawyers for Liberty: Asking migrant workers to wear identification wristbands evokes 'memories of Nazism'. Nov 19, 2020 309
THE GAY MPS WHO WARNED BRITAIN ABOUT HITLER GLAMOUR BOYS: Conservatives BRAVE: The men whose sexuality & her roism was erased from history. EXCLUSIVE by Polly Danby Nov 1, 2020 1079
PM wants to test everyone, Kotleba already positive in neo-Nazism. Oct 19, 2020 214
Competing visions of anti-communism in interwar Germany: Catholic and Nazi portrayals of the 'Judeo-Bolshevik' threat. Hastings, Derek Report Sep 22, 2020 6108
On Kenosha and the difficulty of recognising Nazism in the US. Sep 12, 2020 1689
Khalid Samad calls for an end to race supremacy, links Malay supremacy to Zionism, Nazism and White supremacy. Aug 2, 2020 226
75th Anniversary of the Great Victory: Shared Responsibility to History and our Future. Jun 21, 2020 9379
75th Anniversary oftheGreat Victory, Shared Responsibility toHistory andour Future: Vladimir Putin. Jun 18, 2020 6845
Pashtun Tahafuz Movement: A Resistance on the Face of Authoritarianism. Jun 18, 2020 6842
Never again: 75 years since the end of the World War II. Yevhen Mykytenko May 13, 2020 766
FASCISM AND MONOPOLY. Crane, Daniel A. May 1, 2020 25218
Russians Prepared To Celebrate 75th Anniversary Of Victory In World War II. Apr 22, 2020 689
PM Imran Khan says Indian leadership is inspired by Hitler's Nazism. Feb 22, 2020 266
PM warns world to take notice of India's ultranationalist ideology based on Nazism. Feb 18, 2020 370
PM warns world to take notice of India's ideology based on Nazism. Feb 17, 2020 370
PM warns world to take notice of India's ultranationalist ideology based on Nazism. Feb 17, 2020 368
Israeli Ambassador: 'We highly appreciate Azerbaijan's contribution to fight against Nazism'. Jan 24, 2020 167
Call for 'badla, goli' against protestors 'peak Nazism': Owaisi hits out at Ram Madhav. ANI Jan 17, 2020 278
Polish PM hits back at Putin over WWII 'lies'. Jan 6, 2020 1484
Whole India rejected controversial Citizenship Amendment Act Modi's fascist designs of Muslim massacre revive memories of Nazism: Buzdar. Dec 24, 2019 546
Foreign Ministers of 11 countries, including Azerbaijan, adopted a joint statement condemning Nazism. Dec 8, 2019 414
Immoral, fascist mindset undeniable proof of Modi's Nazism: Dr. Firdous. Nov 19, 2019 150
SAPM: (Immoral, fascist mindset undeniable proof of Modi's Nazism: Firdous). Nov 18, 2019 150
UN adopts Russia-initiated law on glorificaiton of Nazism. Nov 8, 2019 590
Germany must not ignore warning from history on far right. Abdel Aziz Aluwaisheg Nov 4, 2019 1058
Business Collaboration within the Nazi War Machine: Corporations and the State in the Austrian Semiperiphery. Lo, Clarence Y.H. Nov 1, 2019 10657
Markov: "Ilham Aliyev broke information blockade on glorification of Nazism in Armenia". Oct 12, 2019 851
Russian political analyst: 'Azerbaijan President, in fact, expressed Russia's position on Garegin Nzhdeh'. Oct 12, 2019 670
Folly to equate Nazism with communism. George Koumoullis Oct 6, 2019 874
Nazi Relics from Secret Hoard Unveiled at Argentina's Holocaust Museum. Oct 4, 2019 560
Between Idealization of a Martyr and Critic of a Society: Analysis of Axel Corti's "Der Fall Jagerstatter". Gortat, Jakub Oct 1, 2019 11386
The Hollywood Mogul who Saved Jews from Hitler. Sep 24, 2019 992
Modism is 21st century Nazism. Sep 20, 2019 990
Remainer rebels have learnt the wrong lesson from Nazism. Sep 11, 2019 867
President urges world to take notice of Nazism ideology of India's ruling BJP. Aug 17, 2019 250
Hitler is text book hero in Modi's Gujarat: President Arif Alvi. Aug 17, 2019 119
President urges world to take notice of Nazism ideology of India's ruling BJP. Aug 17, 2019 250
President urges world to take notice of Nazi ideology of BJP. Aug 17, 2019 248
Hitler is text book hero in Modi's Gujarat: President Alvi. Aug 17, 2019 113
RSS, Nazism and Kashmir. Aug 16, 2019 1228
Modi, reflection of Hitler, Nazism: Sheikh Rashid. Aug 15, 2019 518
Modi, reflection of Hitler, Nazism: Sheikh Rashid. Aug 11, 2019 599
Trump, world leaders celebrate the Normandy invasion that saved Europe from Nazism. Gearan, Anne; Olorunnipa, Toluse; Post, James McAuley The Washington Jun 7, 2019 1898
Remnants of Dissent. Docherty, Thomas Jun 1, 2019 8551
A military parade marking victory over Nazism held at Hmeimim airbase. May 10, 2019 146
Russian FM mentions Armenia in report on glorifying Nazism. May 10, 2019 688
Russian MFA: No manifestations of neo-nazism, racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia in Azerbaijan. May 9, 2019 378
Putin vows to fight neo-nazism, hails military might on Russia's Victory Day. May 9, 2019 539
Azerbaijan's Presidential Administration: Armenian falsification is wing of Nazism. Apr 19, 2019 313
Alternative diplomacy and the political role of clerical elites: The Roman Catholic Church as an ideological counterforce in interwar Banat. Panu, Mihai A. Report Apr 1, 2019 4997
30 Minutes. Fralich, Russell Essay Mar 22, 2019 733
Aesthetics of Power: FORM AND IDEOLOGY IN TRIUMPH OF THE WILL. Redwood, Thomas Report Mar 1, 2019 3283
Poland's forgotten victims of Nazism. Jan 27, 2019 830
How the neo-Nazis woo the young. Jan 6, 2019 1713
Los sobrevivientes del Holocausto en Argentina durante la Guerra de los Seis Dias en Medio Oriente (1967). Kahan, Emmanuel Nicolas Jan 1, 2019 9739
The Treaty of Versailles and the Rise of Nazism: The Treaty of Versailles, the so-called peace treaty ending WWI, was meant to humiliate and punish Germany for beginning the war, but it led to Hitler's rise. Farmer, Brian Nov 5, 2018 4508
'My Struggle' and 'Mein Kampf': Knausgaard, Hitler, and the Legacy of Nazism. Grossman, Dan Sep 20, 2018 215
UNDOING the DEMOCRATIC NARRATIVE: Though liberal reviews of the movie Death of a Nation harshly pan it, it is a generally accurate movie, explaining some of the devastation wrought by Democrats and their policies. Byas, Steve Movie review Sep 17, 2018 1316
What We Are Reading Today: Hitler's American Model, by James Whitman. Aug 15, 2018 174
German Spy Agency Admits Employing Himmler's Daughter in 1960s. Jul 2, 2018 391
Philosophy and the Rise of Ultra-Nationalism in Contemporary Euro-American Politics. Chika, Mba Essay Jun 1, 2018 10345
Fossoli di Carpi and the Many Faces of Holocaust Memory in Postwar Italy. Herr, Alexis Report Jan 1, 2018 8127
Existential provisions: The technopolitics of public infrastructure. Folkers, Andreas Essay Oct 1, 2017 10954
Power trip: Geoffrey Winthrop-Young on drugs and the pharmacology of control. Winthrop-Young, Geoffrey Essay Jun 22, 2017 4142
The military intelligence training center and the war against Nazism. Kollander, Patricia Essay Jun 22, 2016 8302
The Genesis of the Sonderweg. Everet, Annie Report Jun 22, 2016 12622
Holocaust education in Austria in the light of the Frankfurt School. Rajal, Elke Report Dec 1, 2015 5043
"You cannot be Jewish and feminist" from feminist antisemitism to post-feminist 'post-Zionism'. Radonic, Ljiljana Essay Dec 1, 2015 7330
Antisemitism and the Swedish school system. Krantz, Anna Sarri Essay Dec 1, 2015 7774
Ruptured Memory on the Streets of Vienna. Frostig, Karen Essay Dec 1, 2015 5114
Islamic Jihadism and the Legacy of Nazi antisemitism. Patterson, David Essay Dec 1, 2015 5641
To victory! Zebrowski, Carl Editorial Oct 1, 2015 513
Should a hated word be banned? A proposal in Israel to ban the word Nazi is raising questions about free speech and the legacy of the Holocaust. Rudoren, Jodi Mar 17, 2014 1627
Nazi comparison. Brief article Mar 14, 2014 136
Film and propaganda: the lessons of the Nazi film industry. Jason, Gary Jul 1, 2013 8450
Eastern Europe as a "sub-Germanic space": scholarship on Eastern Europe under national socialism. Beyrau, Dietrich Report Jun 22, 2012 16333
"The differences were only in the details": the moral equivalency of Stalinism and Nazism in Anatolii Bakanichev's Twelve Years behind Barbed Wire. Stone, Andrew B. Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 12062
Occupiers, collaborators and resisters: Volker Schlondorff's Calm at sea. Lellis, George P.; Moeller, Hans-Bernhard Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 4494
Sundown: Breitbart Site Finds Nazi Inspiration. Tracy, Marc Brief article Dec 16, 2011 255
Road Rage. Butnick, Stephanie Brief article Nov 21, 2011 248
Voices from the rubble society: "operation gomorrah" and its aftermath. Apel, Linde Report Jun 22, 2011 7614
The bizarre tale of Savitri Devi, the Hindu Nazi. Apr 30, 2011 987
The intergalactic Final Solution: Nazism and genocide in Paul Verhoeven's Starship Troopers. Crim, Brian E. Critical essay Jun 22, 2010 4922
Arms raised in shame: when the England football team visited Germany in May 1938, diplomatic protocol resulted in the team giving a Nazi salute. Fisher, Trevor Essay Jun 1, 2010 1099
Romania. Manea, Norman Essay Mar 22, 2010 5828
Far wrong: don't be fooled by the BNP. Hitchens, Peter Feb 1, 2010 2119
"This can only come to a bad end": Annemarie Schwarzenbach's critique of national socialism in her reports and photography from Europe. Eilitta, Leena Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 7224
The art and science of reading faces: strategies of racist cinema in the Third Reich. Hansen, Jennifer Sep 22, 2009 10101
Back from the USSR: the Anti-Comintern's publications on Soviet Russia in Nazi Germany (1935-41). Behrends, Jan C. Jun 22, 2009 15455
You can't go home again: does nazism really transform wolfe's romanticism? Godwin, Rebecca Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 3229
Thomas Wolfe and Germany: modernism and anti-anti-semitism in "dark in the forest, strange as time" and "I have a thing to tell you". Meindl, Dieter Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 6974
The Mechanical Nightmare. Sosa, Roberto Poem Jun 22, 2008 197
Hitler and Christianity: Nazism was not one of the fruits of Christianity, but of its rejection. Adolf Hitler and his minions sought not to serve Christ, but to replace Christ. Duke, Selwyn Jun 9, 2008 3436
From Hitler Myth to Terror Myth. Kirk, H. David Mar 1, 2008 4023
A song for Hitler. Jones, Nigel Oct 1, 2007 3654
Yves de Monteheuil: action, justice, and the kingdom in spiritual resistance to Nazism. Grummet, David Sep 1, 2007 10853
D-Day, gaining a foothold in Europe. Johnson, Jess M. Jun 1, 2007 731
'A decadent appetite for the lurid'?: James Herbert, the Spear and 'Nazi Gothic'. Freeman, Nick Critical essay Nov 1, 2006 9121
Ideological incompatibility: the forced fusion of Nazism and Protestant theology and its impact on anti-Semitism in the Third Reich. Eldridge, Stephen W. Sep 22, 2006 8103
Die Schuldfrage sixty years after. Lang, Berel Sep 1, 2006 7695
John Bull in search of a suitable Russia: British foreign policy and the failure of the Anglo-French-Soviet alliance negotiations, 1939 (1). Strang, G. Bruce Mar 22, 2006 21119
Examined lives in the shadow of Iraq. Stone-Mediatore, Shari Mar 1, 2006 2831
See, memory: the Nazi era and the challenge of film. Agee, Joel Jan 1, 2006 3638
Sequential traumatization: the living conditions of children of those politically persecuted under the Nazi regime. Nelles, Dieter; Nolzen, Armin; Sunker, Heinz Sep 22, 2005 5718
"'Long live liberty, equality, fraternity and dynamite:' the German bourgeoisie and the constructing of popular liberal and national-socialist subculture in marginal Germany". Brief Article Sep 22, 2005 164
Germany's unspeakable collective grief. Moore, Michael Scott Jun 3, 2005 922
Harry's travails. Cockburn, Alexander Feb 7, 2005 1073
Pius XII opposed Nazis. Nov 1, 2004 503
Wartime resistance heroes. Oct 1, 2004 225
National socialism and blood-sacrifice in Zora Neale Hurston's Moses, Man of the Mountain. Thompson, Mark Christian Critical Essay Sep 22, 2004 13695
Legitimating Nazism: Harvard University and the Hitler regime, 1933-1937. Norwood, Stephen H. Jun 1, 2004 15293
Teens against the total state: in 1941 Nazi Germany, the brave actions of three teens proved that even Hitler's Third Reich could not deter some youth from discovering and disseminating the truth. Mass, Warren May 31, 2004 2609
The Nazi System Uniquely Rejected Western Civilization. Jan 1, 2004 843
The great scandal: Part 2: Christianity's role in the rise of the Nazis. Paul, Gregory S. Dec 1, 2003 4691
The great scandal: Christianity's role in the rise of the Nazis. Paul, Gregory S. Oct 1, 2003 9233
Beyond left and right: the poetic reception of Stefan George and Rainer Maria Rilke, 1933-1945. Elliott, Mark Oct 1, 2003 11120
Pioneer's big lie. Lombardo, Paul A. Jun 22, 2003 8347
A closer look at the Pioneer Fund: response to Rushton. Tucker, William H. Jun 22, 2003 6319
Stein letter urging Pius XI to condemn Nazism released. (World). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Feb 28, 2003 202
A German historian has claimed that the Nazi regime developed a powerful drug based on cocaine that could have been used to boost the Wehrmacht towards the end of the war. (News). Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 111
Albert Speer: the good Nazi? Pryce-Jones, David Oct 1, 2002 2915
Acting out Nazi Germany: a role-play simulation for the history classroom. Monahan, W. Gregory Sep 22, 2002 6082
Acronyms of terror. (Language Corner). Bucher, Marcel Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 450
Writing for memory: Anna Seghers, history, literature, and complicity in the third Reich. Maier-Katkin, Birgit Jun 22, 2002 7267
Holocaust. (Book Notes). Bibliography Jun 22, 2002 1300
Swedish man sentenced to jail for running racist record company. Brief Article Jun 14, 2002 127
Poisoning young minds in Nazi Germany: children and propaganda in the Third Reich. Corelli, Marie May 1, 2002 2879
Exhibit probes the nature of evil with Nazi Imagery. (New York). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 290
Nazi Body Aesthetics and Nazi Hellenic Associations in Leni Riefenstalil's 1936 Olympic Films. (History). Carison, Andrew R. Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 202
The logic of nazification: the case of the International Criminal Police Commission ("Interpol") **. Deflem, Mathieu Mar 1, 2002 10047
Amnesia and anamnesis in the works of Walter Kempowski: language, history and evasion of guilt. Aston, Richard Critical Essay Mar 1, 2002 11051
The Soviet Air Force versus the Luftwaffe: A.D.Harvey assesses the role of the Soviet Air Force in the defeat of Nazism. Harvey, A.D. Jan 1, 2002 3469
Lubitsch's To Be or Not to Be: the question of simulation in cinema. Melehy, Hassan Dec 22, 2001 8356
A malign legacy. (The survival of culture: IV). Pryce-Jones, David Dec 1, 2001 7212
Taking inventory. Ruta, Suzanne Jul 1, 2001 2223
From the British Media: Germany approves slave labour payout. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 375
Memorial Sites in Lower Saxony: Reminders of German Crimes During the Nazi Era. Wiedemann, Wilfried May 1, 2001 2456
Grades 8-12: Diplomats who saved lives. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 520
"Silence Means Consent". Ferrand, Pierre Apr 1, 2001 2717
Hollywood, Nazism, and the Jews, 1933-41(*). HERMAN, FELICIA Mar 1, 2001 13213
Was Richard Strauss a Nazi? Bloom, Cecil Biography Dec 1, 2000 2618
Catholic Church and Nazi Germany. Book Review Nov 1, 2000 915
Minutemen of the Third Reich. Biddiscombe, Perry Oct 1, 2000 1055
Europe's Real 'Haider' Problem. Brief Article Jun 22, 2000 856
SWASTIKAS BY THE SEASIDE. Monteath, Peter May 1, 2000 2620
The Aryan Christ. Singer, Kurt D. Brief Article May 1, 2000 1002
The Opposite of Love. Cherry, Matt Brief Article Mar 22, 2000 841
Austria-Pariah Among Nations. cockburn, Alexander Brief Article Feb 28, 2000 964
Europe and Herr Haider. Brief Article Feb 28, 2000 816
Heisenberg and the Nazi atomic bomb project: a study in German culture. Book Review Dec 22, 1999 2849
Hitler's uranium club: the secret recordings at Farm Hall. Book Review Dec 22, 1999 2849
Hitler's early critics: Canadian resistance at the Winnipeg Free Press. Young, Robert J. Dec 22, 1999 2456
Almond tree: sign of watching God. Johnston, Heather Nov 1, 1999 2314
The Holocaust and the Christians. Littell, Franklin H. Sep 22, 1999 6069
"To avoid a new Kulturkampf": the Catholic Workers' Associations and National Socialism in Weimar-era Bavaria. Cremer, Douglas J. Sep 22, 1999 10107
POWERS OF PERSUASION. Welch, David Aug 1, 1999 2549
The lesson to be learnt from Nazism. Harvey, A.D. Feb 1, 1999 1975
Sirk's Early Exile Films: Boefje and Hitler's Madman. Horak, Jan-Christopher Jan 1, 1999 5204
Vichy et l'eternel feminin. Book Review Jan 1, 1999 840
Search for Wilhelm Heilmann: Norwegian Resistance veteran Leif Hovelsen travels to Germany to try and make peace with his former Nazi jailer. Hovelsen, Leif Oct 1, 1998 948
Heidegger, nazism, and postmodernism. Cooke, Bill Sep 22, 1998 1213
Pope Pius XI's "encyclical" Humani Generis Unitas against racism and anti-Semitism and the "silence" of Pope Pius XII. Coppa, Frank J. Sep 22, 1998 9525
Holocaust in history's mirrors. Roazen, Paul Sep 22, 1998 3208
Financing the SS. Goldin, Milton Jun 1, 1998 3944
Kaddish in charcoal. Fox, Frank Mar 1, 1998 2397
Nazi studies for 6th-formers. Barker, Alex Mar 1, 1998 832
Inside The Turner Diaries: neo-nazi scripture. Ball, Terence; Dagger, Richard Bibliography Dec 1, 1997 1428
Post-war Germany; Britain's lost opportunity. Locke, Ian Aug 1, 1997 3843
"My God, they just have other interests." (the life of a Catholic non-Aryan priest's life under National Socialism) Oberlaender, Franklin A. Biography Jun 22, 1997 11663
Fatal attraction: duelling and the SS. Combs, William Jun 1, 1997 3990
Shakespeare and the Nazis. Strobl, Gerwin May 1, 1997 3085
The burden of moral guilt: its theological and political implications. Villa-Vicencio, Charles Mar 22, 1997 6683
Dear Adolf. Schloff, Aaron Mack Jan 1, 1997 724
Martin Heidegger and the university as a site for the transformation of human existence. Milchman, Alan; Rosenberg, Alan Jan 1, 1997 7953
A casuality of exile: Karl Otten's unpublished novel 'Die Reise nach Deutschland'. Dove, Richard Jan 1, 1997 8466
German women recall the Third Reich. Book Review Jan 1, 1997 1103
Blue on the Danube. Hitchens, Christopher Column Dec 2, 1996 1025
Apocalypse now: Adolf Hitler looked so normal and friendly, who would suspect he would unleash so much hatred and terror? Gabe Rienks Jun 1, 1996 1122
The final obscenity. Apr 1, 1996 1249
Nazis and the search for truth. Munson, James Bibliography Apr 1, 1996 1165
Growing up in (Adolf) Hitler's Germany. Klaus J. Hansen Mar 22, 1996 4910
Shooting on the home front (German propaganda movies, WWII). Robert Everett-Green Mar 22, 1996 2375
Pink swastika: homosexuality in the Nazi party. Book Review Jan 1, 1996 1213
The battle for art in the 1930s. Elliott, David Cover Story Nov 1, 1995 4224
Hashude: an experiment in Nazi 'asocial' policy. Pine, Lisa Jul 1, 1995 4329
Answering for the past, shaping the future: in memory of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Huber, Wolfgang Jul 1, 1995 6208
Why I am immune to mysticism. Pfalzner, Paul Jun 22, 1995 2209
Homecoming in Vienna. Knoll, Erwin Jan 1, 1995 2086
Visiting Auschwitz. Kurlansky, Mark Oct 1, 1994 1833
Memories of Ustashe. Sep 1, 1994 251
The Hitlerian superego - an introduction. Imbeault, Jean; Nicholson-Smith, D.; Rublowska, M.N. Cover Story Jun 22, 1994 6094
Munich letter. Rein, Ingrid Jun 22, 1994 2065
Women and the Nazi state. Stibbe, Matthew Nov 1, 1993 3649
"The Art of Hitler." (The Contemporary; New York, New York) Nesbitt, Lois Oct 1, 1993 550
Hitler's offspring. Lee, Martin A. Mar 1, 1993 3597
Facing history: Mauriac and Levinas on Nazism. Bracher, Nathan Biography Mar 1, 1993 8380
Minority report. Hitchens, Christopher Feb 17, 1992 1077
The meaning of the Holocaust for bioethics. Caplan, Arthur L. Jul 1, 1989 954
Nazi data: dissociation from evil. Sheldon, Mark; Whitely, William P.; Folker, Brian; Hafner, Arthur W.; Gaylin, Willard Jul 1, 1989 2380
Not politicians but sound businessmen: Norton Company and the Third Reich. Cheape, Charles Sep 22, 1988 8103
Waldheim's thesis. Wurm, Mark May 17, 1986 605

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