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National service at Thornaby; With the ex-pats.

I RECENTLY sent in an article about Clive Easley, Mr North East Britain 1952, writes Malcolm Iceton from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

"I thought you might also be interested in this article about the Royal Air Force, Thornaby, 1956.

"RAF Thornaby was home to 608 Squadron, which was an auxiliary unit flying Vampires plus one Meteor (drogue towing).

"Part of the base strength was 2608 Squadron, which was a Royal Air Force regiment auxiliary unit. The purpose of the squadron was to defend the base from ground and air attack in the event of war.

"In the photograph are some of the motor transport section personnel preparing for the air officer commanding annual inspection (of 1956), which is quite a serious event.

"In the photograph, from left to right, are SAL Airman Sergeant Stevens, Corporal ?, JT Malcolm Iceton (spray gun in hand), SAL John Burman, SAL Airman ?. Unfortunately I can't remember all of their names.

"The squadron was disbanded in 1957, which concluded my two years of national service.
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Aug 9, 2008
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