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National seed trade associations.


The American Seed Trade Association (ASTA), founded in 1883 and located in Alexandria, VA, membership consists of more than 700 companies involved in production and distribution, plant breeding and related industries around the globe.

As an authority on plant germplasm, ASTA advocates science and policy important to the industry.

Seed is a $12 billion business and is regulated in the states and at the federal and international levels. ASTA, directed by its members, is involved in nearly all issues relating to plant germplasm, focusing on four areas of industry importance:

* Intellectual Property Protection,

* Regulatory and legislative matters,

* New technologies,

* Communication and education.

ASTA can be contacted at: 1701 Duke St., Suite 275, Alexandria, VA 22314, 703/837-8140; Fax: 703/837-9365; or


The Independent Professional Seed Association (IPSA) was formed in 1989 by a group of seed producers who recognized the need for an organization to represent the unique needs of independent seed companies. In 1989, a founder's meeting was held with 80 charter members.

The Association addresses research and biotechnology issues and increases the media presence of the industry.

Today, IPSA represents nearly 100 seed companies from more than 25 states and Canada, and has nearly 100 associate and affiliate members, representing all facets of the seed industry.

IPSA has raised cooperative funding for applied research--leading to enhanced product information for its members. To date IPSA has funded over $1,500,000 in private and public research projects.

IPSA can be contacted at: P.O. Box 241312, Omaha, NE 68124-5312, 402/991-3550; Fax: 877/415-1306; or

Editor's Note: all information was taken from each organization's web site.
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