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National journal publishes Matteson's lifesaving advice.


Bellingham massage therapist Marie Matteson's article on massage and melanoma awareness was recently published in the American Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals Journal. The background for the article came when Matteson had noticed something odd on the bottom of her husband's foot, the site of a 4 year-old fire ant bite. A dermatologist confirmed that the spot had changed and become a melanoma. The doctor noted that Matteson's sharp eyes had probably saved her husbands life.

Matteson hopes the national article will save more lives as massage therapists become aware of what to look for.

Matteson has been a Nationally Licensed Massage Practitioner since 1997 and is a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician and Registered Counselor.
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Title Annotation:KEEPING UP WITH PEOPLE; Marie Matteson
Publication:Bellingham Business Journal
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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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