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National income and product accounts.

Selected NIPA Tables

New estimates in this issue: First quarter 1993, final.

The selected set of national income and product accounts (NIPA) tables shown in this section prese quarterly estimates, which are updated monthly. (In most tables, the annual estimates are also shown tables are available on the day of the gross domestic product (GDP) news release on printouts and di subscription basis or from the Commerce Department's Economic Bulletin Board. For order information, to the National Income and Wealth Division (BE-54), Bureau of Economic Analysis, Washington, DC 2023 call (202) 606-5304.

The full set of NIPA tables is published in the Survey of Current Business as part of the annual N revision. This year, the revision, which will cover the period beginning with the first quarter of 1 released in late August. Most tables will appear in the August Survey. Tables presenting detailed go transactions (3.15-3.20) and seasonally quarterly estimates (9.1-9.6) will appear in the September Survey, which will also present the estimates of the alternative measures of output and prices.

Tables containing the estimates for 1929-88 are available in the two-volume set National Income an Accounts of the United States; see inside back cover for order information. These tables are also av beginning with 1929, on diskettes or magnetic tape. For more information on the presentation of the see "A Look at How BEA Presents the NIPA'S" in the February 1993 Survey.

Note.--This section of the Survey is prepared by the National Income and Wealth Division and the Government Division.

Note to Users: The estimates of GNP, national income, and corporate profits in this month's NIPA t those contained in the GDP news release on June 23. The change reflects the correction of an error i factor for foreign direct investment income payments. (The correction does not affect the estimates

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Title Annotation:illustration; selected statistical tables
Publication:Survey of Current Business
Date:Jun 1, 1993
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