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National apartment leasing professional (NALP).

National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP)

Maria Al-Aydi, NALP       Brandywine Apartments    Lexington, Ky.

Theresa A. Deeds, NALP    Capitol Commons Family   Lansing, Mich,

Eliza Dole, NALP                                   Muncie, Ind.

Noelle DuBach, NALP       Ball State University    Indianapolis, Ind.

Jacob K. Dunkelberger,    Signature Property       Greensboro, N.C.
NALP                      Group

Sarah El-Jallad, NALP     The Time Group &WPM      Essex, Md.

Logan fimerick, NALP      Ball State University    Muncie, Ind.

Alexander D. Freeman,                              Muncie, Ind.

Rachelle ML Galanti,      Mitchell Park Plaza      St. Joseph, Mo.
NALP                      Apts.

Andreanna Gonzales,       Case and Associates      El Paso, Texas

Stacy Grady, NALP         Korman Residential       Wilmington, Del.

Jennifer L Harris, NALP   Korman Residential at    Clementon, N.J.

Jordan M. Hovanec,NM.P    Ball State University    Muncie, Ind.

Lindsay N. M. Hutchison,  Ball State University    Muncie, Ind.

Kristen M.Jackson, NALP   1st Lake Properties      Kenner, La.

Nicole M.Jackson, NALP    High Associates          Pottstown, Penn.

Angela K.Jensen, NALP                              Dallas, Texas

Scott A. Joray, NALP      Ball State University    Muncie, Ind.

Kyle McFarland, NALP      Ball State University    Muncie, Ind.

Kristen N. Mughmaw,       Ball State University    Muncie, Ind.

Lee A. Patterson, NALP    Korman                   Clementon, N.J.

Leticia Perez, NALP       Berkshire Property       Houston, Texas

Ashley C.Roberts, NALP    Burkely Communities LLC  Kernersville, N.C.

Dennis E. Roberts, NALP                            Lexington, Ky.

Casey R.D.Rusk, NALP      Ball State University    Muncie, Ind.

Jasmen M. Salazar, NALP   Edgebrook Apartments     Houston, Texas

Brittany J. Simpson,      Settler's Ridge          Austin, Texas
NALP                      Apartments

Laurie St. Germaine,      McKinley                 Battle Creek, Mich.

Jennifer A. Straub,       Ball State University    Muncie, Ind.

Judy Turner, NALP                                  Lexington, Ky.

Madison E. Wilder, NALP   Ball State University    Muncie, Ind.
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Title Annotation:NAAEI Honors New Designates
Date:Apr 1, 2011
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