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National Water & Power Offers Iris[TM].

National Water & Power (NWP) is the leading provider of billing and utility management services to the multifamily real estate industry. The Santa Ana, Calif.-based company's billing and submetering operation services more than 300,000 apartments in 32 states for some of the country's largest public (REIT) and private property owners. NWP's services include submetering and utility billing programs to reduce utility costs for multifamily property Owners and conserve natural resources; enhanced collections programs; multi-tiered customer support available 24/7; and regulatory resource services.

Always seeking to expand its services and innovations, NWP has recently introduced IRIS[TM], a revolutionary Internet Reporting and Information Service. Developed by NWP and used by them exclusively, IRIS[TM] dramatically cuts down work load by eliminating time consuming and wasteful paperwork, and allowing multifamily property managers to enter and access resident and unit data around the clock.

The reporting service is password protected and gives property managers the advantage of keeping a daily accounting of a single property's residents, including move-ins, move-outs, roommate changes, services added and start and stop billing information.

Other key features of the service include a real-time delinquency report, updated daily with each resident's current billing history; a billing status report, which indicates the total amount billed to residents within a billing cycle; a current resident list, which allows the property manager to know who is currently being billed, including past due amounts; a transaction report, summarizing all Internet activity entered by the property manager and NWP; and a final bill register (FBR) which summarizes the monthly billing cycle by resident.

IRIS[TM] also offers a portfolio function, which contains comprehensive reports on all properties at which an Owner is using NWP's billing services. The reports include all properties' billing activities over a three month period; all billed properties within a specific month; all properties pending billing and scheduled bill dates.

"Because the data on our Internet service is entered on a daily basis, current information is always available for analysis, which allows multifamily owners and property managers to take a proactive approach to collections and recovery of utility costs," said Robert Fincher, NWP's Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "With the innovation of IRIS[TM], our new Internet service, NWP continues to be the benchmark by which the utility billing industry is measured."

NWP is located at 1241 E. Dyer Road, Suite 110, Santa Ana, CA 92705. For more information on the NWR please call 714/445-6380 or visit

Open-c Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NWP, located in Minneapolis, develops and implements customer information systems (CIS) software for major utilities, energy marketers and billing service bureaus. For more information on Open-c, please visit
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Date:Apr 1, 2001
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