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National Training Systems Association.

Companies in the simulation, training, mission planning/rehearsal and support services industry are represented through membership in the National Training Systems Association (NTSA), an affiliate of NDIA since 1992.

NTSA provides the training, simulation, mission planning, related support systems and training services industries with a recognized, focused, formal organization to represent and promote their business interests in the marketplace. The association provides a forum to communicate the full capability and broad characteristics of all of the elements of training systems and mission planning, including associated support services.

Founded in 1988 as a non-profit corporation, the association fosters communication between the training industry, planners and acquisition agencies regarding requirements, procurement issues and policies. An important aim of NTSA is to see that all aspects of training, mission planning and rehearsal, training services and training range requirements are highlighted as independent and important "line items" in the overall planning, programming, budgeting and acquisition process.

The International Training and Simulation Association (ITSA) has been established to strengthen NTSA's international access and to better promote Training and simulation to the international community. The world wide headquarters for ITSA is co-located with NTSA, and the first regional organization, ITSA Western Europe, is located in the United Kingdom. Link to ITSA from the NTSA Web site, or go directly to

The Modeling & Simulation Professional Certification Commission (M&SPCC), led by NTSA and composed of members from industry, academia and government has begun the process of certifying Simulation Professionals. Link to M&SPCC from the NTSA Web site, or go directly to

Charles W. Richardson Jr., chair of the NTSA Executive Committee, is the vice president of business development for the Information and Technical Services (I&TS) Division of Northrop Grumman Mission Systems (NGMS) in Fairfax, Va. He is responsible for strategic planning and the development of new business with the Defense Department, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, plus the Defense Information Systems Agency, combatant commands, and other defense agencies. Prior to joining NGMS, Richardson spent several years with Martin Marietta Corporation, first as director of international business development and later as director of marketing and business development for Martin Marietta Air Traffic Systems in Washington, D.C.

Richardson retired from the U.S. Army as a colonel. His 20 years of Army service included command of a tank battalion and a cavalry squadron. He had two tours of duty in Germany and two and 1/2 tours in Vietnam. His assignments also included chief of the Department of the Army's Joint Strategic Planning Team and chief of war plans at U.S. Army, Europe. He also served as aide de camp to the deputy commanding general, U.S. Army, Vietnam. His last assignment was in the office of the secretary of defense for international security affairs. He has a BA from Louisiana State University in communications and business administration and an MA in Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh.

Association Objectives

* Represent to government the non-partisan business interests of the simulation, training, mission planning and rehearsal, and support services industries.

* Increase the value of training systems and services provided by industry to government.

* Inform and educate the legislative, policy-making, acquisition and regulatory functions of government, including Congress, the Defense Department and other agencies.

* Provide contact between acquisition activities and the industry to better communicate with regard to procurement issues and policies.

* Promote the highest level of responsibility and business ethics among members.

* Act as a clearing house for business policy, ethics and practices affecting industry.

* Provide industry wide bulletins and news reports.

* Actively participate with, inform and support the training, mission planning and rehearsal activities of other industry associations, such as the Aerospace Industries Association of America, Electronic Industries Alliance and International Test and Evaluation Association, as well as the other divisions of NDIA.

NTSA Events Schedule for 2003.

Mark your calendars for the following events:


Fighter Training Conference

Norfolk, Va. (#31F0)


Training Transformation (T2) Conference

Hilton Alexandria Mark Center

Alexandria, Va. (#31T0)


Interservice/Industry, Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC)

Orange County Convention Center

Orlando, Fla. (#4250)

Please check the NTSA Web site at: for additional information on all the above events, or call Patrick Rowe at (703) 247-9471.

Rear Adm. Fred Lewis, USN (Ret.), brings over 32 years of Navy experience in many areas of training to his role as the president of the National Training Systems Association. His reputation as a leader in the fields of training and simulation makes him the ideal director for this growing affiliate association. Lewis can be reached at (703) 247-2567 or e-mail:

Barbara McDaniel. As director of conferences and programs, Barbara is the primary point of contact for all questions concerning I/ITSEC. Barbara has been with NTSA since 1992 and directly involved with the I/ITSEC since 1995. Barbara can be reached at (703) 247-2569 or e-mail:

Patrick Rowe. As director of NTSA membership services, Patrick is the primary point of contact for all questions concerning NTSA membership. He is also the one to contact if you have questions concerning NTSA conferences. Patrick can be reached at (703) 247-9471 or email:

Capt. Nelson P. Jackson, USN (Ret.), has 25 years of Navy Surface Warfare experience, plus more than 19 years in the association, covering technology with particular emphasis in training and simulation issues. He is the focal point for ITEC matters both in Europe and Asia. Jackson can be reached at (703) 247-2575 or email:
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