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National Teens for Life Convention: Celebrate Life and Liberty on July 4th!

Combine tons of fun, the best pro-life speakers in the country, and fabulous fireworks above the Washington Monument with good food and great friends, and what do you have?

The National Teens for Life (NTL) Convention, of course! This year's convention will be held in the beautiful Washington, D.C., area, the perfect place to bring the whole family (or local Teens for Life group) for a vacation combined with the pro-life educational opportunity of a lifetime. As always it will run parallel to the National Right to Life Convention (see pages 10, 14, and 15).

Fabulous speakers will headline sessions and workshops with topics geared specifically to teens ages 12 to 19. Teenagers are the future of the pro-life movement, but they also play a vital role in the fight for life today. We must give them the tools they need to carry the message of life into their schools, churches, and communities.

Teens and college students are truly on the front lines of the fight against abortion. They have lost between a quarter and a third of their generation and are the age group most vulnerable to abortion.

Pro-life young people need to be trained in order to stand in the gap for life where abortion hits the hardesthigh schools and college campuses. The NTL Convention will give them the training they need to make a difference and to save lives.

Teens attending this year's convention will hear from elected officials, medical professionals, and pro-life experts in a variety of fields. Topics will range from scientific (fetal development, stem cells, and cloning) to practical (how to answer the hard questions on abortion, how to start a local Teens for Life group) and beyond.

Speakers will include Bobby Schindler and Suzanne Schindler Vitadamo, siblings of the late Terri Schindler Schiavo. Their heartfelt, first-person story of the horrors of euthanasia will touch hearts and motivate attendees to action.

This year's convention will also feature a Friday Night Field Trip to see the 4th of July fireworks from the mall between the Capitol and the Washington Monument. This is a sight every person should experience at least once in a lifetime, made all the more meaningful by the presence of new pro-life friends. Think about it: what could be better than celebrating liberty while surrounded by people who also cherish life?

If you know of pro-life teens who would like to learn more about the life issues while soaking up the culture and history of our nation's capital, please do everything you can to help them get to this year's convention. It may seem like an insurmountable task, but we promise it's not!

Some great fundraising ideas to help teens raise the money to attend include big rummage sales held in churches, pie sales, spaghetti dinners, and silent auctions. Another great way to raise money for teens to attend is to appeal to churches and other groups such as Knights of Columbus for funding. Local right to life chapters are often in a position to help financially with such endeavors. Be creative, we know you can do it!

The bottom line is this: this year's NTL convention will be unparalleled in terms of content and culture. It would be a shame to miss it! In fact, we will be so bold as to say that every teen with a passion for the cause of life should be there! If you help get them to the convention, we will train them.

So please, think of a few teens from your church, chapter, or hometown that would benefit from such an experience and then do whatever you can to help them make attending this convention a reality.

You won't regret it! And, more importantly, your efforts WILL save lives!

For more information on the NTL Convention please log onto or e-mail me at

Joleigh Little works full time for Wisconsin Right to Life as a region coordinator and Teens for Life director. She also serves as co-advisor to National Teens for Life with Derrick Jones.
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Date:May 1, 2008
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