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National Supply centre continues growth across Northern Ontario: Timmins the newest location for supply and service company.

The Timmins location will join the original Sault Ste. Marie office and its Sudbury counterpart in offering customers a range of construction and industrial supplies, with a specialization in construction, HVAC, and refrigeration products and equipment.

"We've tailed about Timmins for a few years now, and with the way Timmins has been booming, we decided now was the time," says general manager Darrin McGonegal. "It's always been in the plan."

The expansion of National Supply has been a natural evolution for the company founded in 1993 by president Albert Giommi. With 13 years in the construction supply field, the enterprising businessman started out selling valves and pipeline supplies from a small warehouse, offering specialty construction and concrete products, and the business quickly grew to serve the industrial supply market.

Within months the company outgrew its Sault location and has since relocated twice to accommodate its burgeoning business. It added refrigeration supply and servicing to its product line following the closure of a local business, and has since cemented partnerships with Italy-based companies, allowing the company to offer new lines of specialty products.

Through its Service Rentals and Sales arm, National Supply makes available a range of equipment for rent or purchase. Whether a project requires major equipment like lifts, excavators, and forklifts, or simpler tools like bolt cutters, the well-stocked shelves of National Supply aim to meet clients' needs. Safety supplies and training are also available.

National Concrete Pumping provides boom pumps up to 42 metres, an inline trailer pump, grout pumps and other equipment, which can be deployed oh short notice. Staff has experience and training in proper operating procedures, maintenance, customer service and job-site safety

Past projects include the Sault Area Hospital and the Prince Wind Farm, in addition to private homes, hydro dams, bridges and high-rise buildings. Projects have taken the company across Ontario, Canada and the United States.

Customers served by the new Timmins location will have access to all these services.

"We're going to carry a full range of construction supply, heating supplies and concrete pumping as well, just like we do in the other two locations," McGonegal says.

Eventually, McGonegal envisions expanding the Timmins location to rival the size of the one in the Sault.

Amongst the Values at National Supply is the desire to support the community and the company counts itself asponsor of Habitat for Humanity local boys' and girls' hockey and soccer programs, the Soo Y Dolphins, and the Soo Thunderbirds. National Supply additionally donated $50,000 to the Sault Area Hospital's construction fund to help get it off the ground.

National Supply is implementing other changes along the way. New technology administered through the use of smart phones, will soon allow the company to go paperless. Providing a digital signature will result in less paperwork, and clients will be able to track their shipments.

The company's website will undergo a complete overhaul as well, with an eye to setting up an online store within the next year. And the company has even adopted social media, setting up a Facebook site. Having a comprehensive online presence has resulted in positive exposure for the Northern Ontario company. "We're trying to expand it and go global," McGonegal says."It's definitely helped with advertising."

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