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National Run A MILE DAYS 2012 - May 6th - 12th.

The American Running Association (ARA) will host and promote NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYS throughout the week of May 6-12, 2012 the Maryland-based nonprofit organization announced today. The campaign theme for the 5th annual public outreach events is "I AM A MILER". The "MILER" focus is intended to get more children motivated and enthused to run; not just to run the mile but to kick-start a fitness plan. In addition, ARA will promote efforts to make the "MILE," the standard mid-distance race in high school replacing the 1600m (high school).

"As we enter 2012, we mark our 5th year of partnering with community leaders and schools across the United States, said ARA's Executive Director Dave Watt. ARA is seeking elementary, middle school and high schools in all 50 states to host a MILER DAY. We are committed to supporting schools and groups who join the RUN A MILE DAYS concept", said Watt. Host schools, running clubs and communities are encouraged to incorporate the "MILER" event into their PE class planners as well as community events. "Running the Mile should be the measure of fitness for all youth. The Mile is what we teach for pacing and it's our country's standard measure of distance traveled", added Watt.

ARA seeks MILER host site in all 50 states in 2012. Any school or organization interested in hosting a MILE DAYS event should contact the MILE DAYS Staff ( Each selected event will receive RUN A MILE DAYS CERTIFICATES for participants in their mile events. Completion certificates and posters will be provided to all schools who commit by April 1, 2012. All participating schools can obtain an 8 week training plan postcards through March rd. All other national host sites will be featured on both the American Running Association (ARA) and Youth Runner Magazine websites. Results and photos will be posted on the upcoming RUN A MILE DAYS website:, as well as the ARA website ( and the YOUTH RUNNER website (

May 6th is the anniversary date of the world's first sub-4 minute mile. Roger Bannister showed the world in 1954 that the 4 minute mile was not a barrier. He broke through that barrier on May 6 of that year. To this day, the sub 4 minute mile is a cherished achievement by male runners worldwide. ARA honors Sir Roger Bannister's achievement on RUN A MILE DAYS. His tenacity and commitment to challenge a perceived impenetrable barrier can be a lesson for anyone facing a seemingly out of reach goal.

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