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Articles from National Right to Life News (July 1, 2020)

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"We Have to Do Everything We Can to Get Trump Out of Office," Planned Parenthood President says. Election a matter of "life and death". Yoder, Katie 744
134 days until Election Day: "Those with eyes to see, let them see.". Andrusko, Dave 673
A supportive and caring program that transforms the life of pregnant women who are uncertain and alone: Real Alternatives, Inc. has served more than 320,000 pregnant women and their families. Gallagher, Maria V. 485
Abortion Queen Wendy Davis resurfaces as candidate for Congress. Andrusko, Dave 676
An overview of the current Senate battleground map. Cross, Karen 2293
Another staff meltdown at a Planned Parenthood affiliate. Andrusko, Dave 808
Deep fissures exposed in pro-abortion movement over exclusion and racism. Andrusko, Dave 515
Five Ways to Tell if a Study is Just More Pseudoscientific Pro-Abortion Propaganda. O'Bannon, Randall K. 2936
Former abortion workers debunk Planned Parenthood's abortion pill propaganda. Terzo, Sarah 824
Gallup finds ever-increasing pro-life advantage among voters who base their vote solely on a candidate's position on abortion. Andrusko, Dave 582
In spite of the impact of the Covid-19 enforced shutdown, significant gains for the pro-life movement in the 2020 state legislative session. Duran, Ingrid 817
Joe Biden's unbridled abortion extremism. Editorial 695
Judge issues temporary injunction against Iowa's 24-hour waiting period. Andrusko, Dave 690
July 1st, 2020: A Bad Day for Virginia's Women and Children, A Good Day for Abortionists. Turner, Olivia Gans 667
Lone Missouri abortion clinic receives one-year license, state considers whether to appeal administrative hearing judge's ruling. Andrusko, Dave 399
News Pages, Editorial Pages--Who Can Tell the Difference Any More? Graham, Tim 499
Now that the Supreme Court has missed a golden opportunity to return some semblance of sanity to the abortion issue, what do we do? Editorial 814
Oldest woman in the US with Trisomy 18 turns 40; parents told at birth their daughter would live four months. 645
Premature baby who survived COVID "is a powerful witness to life": The celebrated baby boy goes home May 8, two month after delivery, having fought off not just the coronavirus, but also a case of sepsis. 429
President Trump Signs Historic Executive Order to help foster and adoptive parents: Will bolster foster care and adoption agencies which have been deeply affected by the pandemic. Andrusko, Dave 507
Pro-life Florida Gov. DeSantis signs Florida parental consent bill. Andrusko, Dave 546
Quadriplegic COVID-19 Patient Starved by Texas Doctor because of his Disability. 456
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists guidelines recommend getting round legal abortion limit by killing baby first and removing it later. 585
Senate confirms Trump's 200th appointment, cementing his impact on federal judiciary. Andrusko, Dave 290
Some thoughts after a big victory for religious freedom and freedom of conscience. Andrusko, Dave 632
Speaking from the head and the heart, pro-lifers will carry the day for unborn children. Echevarria, Laura 542
Spreading myths and lies about pro-lifers and about the reality of abortion. Andrusko, Dave 987
Supreme Court victory protects the right of the Little Sisters of the Poor "to serve the elderly without violating our faith.". Andrusko, Dave 859
The deadly "Quality of Life" ethic. Smith, Wesley J. 1184
The new Gallup poll on abortion and the November 3 elections. Andrusko, Dave 746
The Presidential candidates' stands on Life could not be more different. Cross, Karen 1176
The privilege of helping to choose our Government. Tobias, Carol Column 855
The pro-life movement: a bright, bold, beautiful light in a time of darkness. Gallagher, Maria V. 359
The Room that Shouldn't Exist. Finnerty, Bonnie 492
The Supreme Court dealt a devastating blow to low income women by siding with the abortion industry. Zagorski, Sarah 689
The Supreme Court's disastrously wrong decision in June Medical Services, L.L.C. v. Russo. Andrusko, Dave 1321
Trump versus Biden on Supreme Court's abortion decision. Andrusko, Dave 624
We are All Born Pro-Life. Finnerty, Bonnie 505
Young Pro-Life Voices Inspire Hope for the Future. Finnerty, Bonnie 595

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