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National Online Meeting moves to the Hilton!

National Online Meeting Moves to the Hilton!

The 1991 National Online Meeting is moving to the Hilton, according to Tom Hogan, president of Learned Information, Inc., the organizers of the conference. The sudden move was prompted by an acceleration of construction activity at the Sheraton Centre, the traditional site for this annual meeting, now in its twelfth year.

"It was like a good news/bad news story when we first heard about what was happening at the Sheraton," said Hogan. "The good news was that the hotel was getting some $140 million worth of much-needed renovations, which will certainly make it a better place to hold meetings in the future. The bad news was that the construction had already begun, and it would be very difficult to hold a meeting there over the noise of the jackhammers, drills, and power saws. We knew things must be very bad when the people at the Sheraton suggested we explore the possibility of moving to the Hilton, their archrival across the street."

Since then it's been a constant series of meetings and phone calls towards the goal of moving a major conference and trade show only weeks away (the main days of the meeting are May 7-9, with pre- and post-conference seminars on the 6th and 10th). "The people at the Hilton, especially Jim Bennett, Convention Sales Manager, and Michael Uhl, Director of Sales, have been working heroically to shoehorn our meeting into a busy convention hotel," Hogan continued. "The fact that we were able to do it at all is something of a miracle."

The meeting dates remain unchanged--May 7-9, 1991. All attendees and exhibitors who have reserved rooms at the Sheraton will be given an opportunity to move to the Hilton at the same convention rates, and the organizers will be sending new reservation cards to all attendees. Alternatively, the Hilton reservation department may be reached directly at 212-484-3870. Anyone reserving a room from this point on will be pointed in the direction of the Hilton, which will continue to offer the original convention rates for guest rooms, as long as the individual specifies that he or she is attending the National Online Meeting. Exhibitors are being contacted to work out the details of moving the largest exhibition of online and CD-ROM products and services in North America to the Hilton.

The New York Hilton, with its recent completion of a $100 million renovation project, along with its new exhibit gallery, the Americas Hall, and its prime location on the Avenue of the Americas, will provide a very attractive location for the 1991 convention.

"Even though we are pleased that we could make the switch at the last moment," said Hogan, "a lot of blood, sweat, and tears will have to go into making it happen. The comforting thing about our industry, however, is the feeling of kinship and comraderie we've always had for each other. I'm sure that everyone--the attendees, the exhibitors, and the staff here at Learned Information--will approach the situation with the pioneer spirit of adventure and sportsmanship that has always characterized the information community."

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Publication:Information Today
Date:Apr 1, 1991
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